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    Editted 1500 Ork Hybrid list

    Ork Dark Blood Klan, hybrid list plan is too advance the sloggers while the nobz hit the lines, with a nice base of fire from lootas, koptas, buggy, and killa kans, hopefully the big shootas can help with hordes and their shouldn't be many problems fighting armor or hordes. Any thoughts? I would normally have more boyz with less expensive nobz, but these are the models i have, i wanted to work with them. I am open to buying/adding more, but wanted to see how you guys thought this would work.

    Lord Dnigh
    Lord Dnigh's Armies...

    -'eavy armor, boss pole, cybork body, klaw-105

    TOTAL: 105

    10 Nobz
    -'eavy armor x10, Waaagh! Banner
    -2 Klaws, 5 Big choppas,
    1 Trukk, red paint job, grot riggers, 390

    10 Lootas 150
    -1 Mek

    6 Nobz 3 with power klaw, 1 big choppa, 1 bosspole, 6 eavy armor-295
    ***Looted wagon w/scorcha, red paint job, grot riggers-

    TOTAL: 835

    30 Slugga/Choppa Boyz 210
    -3 big shoota-
    -Nob, big choppa-

    20 Gretchin, 2 Runtherds, 80

    TOTAL: 290


    2 Defkoptas w/ t/l rokkit launchas- 90

    3 Warbikers, Nob, Big Choppa, Bosspole, 95

    1 Warbuggiez, twin linked rokkit launcha, 35

    TOTAL: 220


    Killa Kans, Grotzooka, 45

    TOTAL: 45
    1500 Points.

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    right cause you got a warboss the 10 nob squad can count as troops like the lootas

    killa kan on its own will get shot up easy drop or get more (if your dropping it get 3 more Loian or 6 or so more boys)

    thats all hope i helped

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