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Thread: Part Done

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    Part Done

    I was thinking for my army so far (1500 points) I would have:

    Necron Lord
    Viel of Darkness
    Destroyer Body

    20 Warriors

    Warriors beacause they need to back up my CC lord ( he will use VOD with warrior squad and melee the crap out of the enemy, the warriors will back him up)

    I don't know what to do with the other 2/3 of my army and was hopin u guyz could help.

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    Ok, well to start, in a 1500K game, unless you are 100% sure its going to be for annhillation games (and usually even then) take 3x10 squads of warriors

    Second, I'm not sure if it's changed since I last checked, but you cannot assault (or even move much I think) after DSing (which is what the VoD is), so while I love the idea of a CC flying circus, I don't think it works.

    If you want to do a CC, then make a WraithLord, or SwarmLord, Turbo Boosting can get to just about anywhere on the field without risk of Mishaps.

    If it's the VoD you're going for, take Immortals unless you are really strapped for cash (in which case, loose the flying circus, it's a fairly points heavy tactic), VoDing counts as movements, so you have to wind up within 12" with warriors, and with scatter and staying away from everything to avoid mishaps, don't bet on it.

    However, I'm gonna cover all my bases, if I'm wrong and you can do a CC VoD, take wraiths or if you don't have points/FA slots, flayed ones. Priahas would rock, but I don't think they can be teleported (stupid non-necrons)

    My usual strategy for when I have a flying circus, or WraithLord, or something like that which will heavily split up my army, I make a primary phalanx (WBB core, and objective takers) that is self sufficent. So while your Lord is having fun in the enemy's deployment zone, your 30 warriors need backup. This backup can come in the form of a monolith, tomb spyders, a secondary orblord (not recommended if you want any sort of toys, big points expenditure) yet MORE warriors (Cron hordes are awesome), ect. Things like that.

    It depends on how you want this army to work, but in 2/3 of the randomly generated missions, you will need a large warrior core (don't swap to flayed ones, though the identical points cost is tempting, they can't take objectives). Build your army around the warriors, you can do all phalanx, or phalanx with raiding force (destroyer spam, wraithwing, flying circus are the biggest 3) or all raiding force with warriors in reserves/hiding (not recommended, if your opponent has any maneuverability, and common sense at all, they will get around and take out your scoring units and you loose)

    Bottom line (cause I just noticed how long that got ): Your VoD CC Lord, while it sounds cool, I'm pretty sure won't work, and we don't know how you want to play this army, so come up with a more specific army idea and we'll be able to help a lot more.

    Oh and maybe a list of your models if that is a restricting factor, but most friendly games have no problems with proxies, so this may not be important

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