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    Double tourney Eldar/CSM 2000 pts

    Hello guys.

    Next week i`m entering a double tournament. Each team was formed between a veteran and a noobie player from our gaming club. I got a new Chaos Space Marine player.

    So i`m giving what i think we should play: (we have to follow the regular 1 player FOC ad both of us MUST field 1 troop choice and fill 1000 pts and no more- rest is ours to tweak)


    Daemon Prince Wings, Lash of submission Mark of slaneesh
    Farseer, Rune of warding, Doom


    10x Plague Marines Champion, powerfist 2 x melta gun
    Rhino Extra armor, combimelta

    6 x noise marines 5 x sonic blasters champion doom siren powerfist
    Rhino EA Combi melta

    (thought: i can switch the 2 combimeltas with 1 more noise marine but without the blaster- is worthy?)

    10 x storm guardians 2 x flamers Warlock Destructor
    Wave serpent Spirit stone shuriken cannon

    Fast Attack

    Vyper Missile launcher


    Chaos Dread Dual CCW EA Heavy flamer

    Chaos Dread Dual CCW EA

    7 x Striking scorpions Exarch Scorpion CLaw Stalker
    Wave Serpent SS SC


    Fire Prism
    Fire Prism
    Fire Prism

    CSM has exactly 1000 pts
    i have 986 pts so i have 14 pts to spare - i can switch the vyper for 3 guardian jetbikes with 1 cannon or i can get 3 more scorpions and 1 spirit stone for a prism.

    i`ll play against

    2. tyranids & chaos daemons
    3. tau &tyranids
    4. necron & ork
    5. imperial guard & space marines

    Can i get some help here .... with CSM list as well if you have expertise.

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    Hight elf and Craftworld Eldar army project pics heavy: linky

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    Well I like good old fashioned CSM's. They are hard core, and I don't think noise marines are all that great. Instead of dreads that can kill your own guys I'd make the chaos player fill out all of the troop choices with rhinos and CSM's with fists. Don't go too crazy with the nurgle marines as they are INCREDIBLE point sinks. You should probably put fortune on the seer and make the CSM's invincible. The storm guardians are great, but you probably won't be mobile enough to make much use of it, instead think about a unit of pathfinders. If there is anyway to squeeze some mech banshees in that a great support unit for CSM. Also if he has obliterators i think those are pretty fun too.

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