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Thread: Boss Bash 350

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    Por'vre T'olku Shien
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    Boss Bash 350

    Ok, so my store is running a one-time event, a Boss bash. The rules are simple: You are allowed one HQ and retinue, forming one unit. Points limit of 350 with NO overage allowed, NO special characters, and NO vehicles. Table will be 8x6, with up to 6 players per table.

    Each turn all players roll 2d6 for that turn's play order.

    Lastly come the "Crowd Pleaser" points. 1 point for each model death, 2 if it's the HQ itself. 5 points for taking an enemy out of the fight entirely. These points can be spent one-for-one to boost the 2d6 roll for turn order (points must be spent before the roll), or for a +1 bonus to combat resolution (points can be spent whenever you feel like). There are some rules for armies that can't get retinues, but that's not important here.

    Here's my unit:

    Shas'el (PR, MP, TA, Iridium, HWMT, HWDC w/ 2x Shield Drone, BK) 152
    -Bodyguard (PR, MP, TA, HWMT, Stims) 92
    -Bodyguard (PR, MP, TA, HWMT) 82

    Total: 326

    I have some points to toy around with now. I can either upgrade the 'El to an 'O, put another Shield Drone in, go for Target Locks, or maybe two Gun Drones. That last one is looking like what I'll end up doing, it's just that much more in the way of ablative wounds for taking hits that would splat my guys.

    How does it look, and what options would you take? I'm also considering changing out from Fireknife to Helios configuration, but there are things out there that can get past the 12" volley range for that loadout without letting me get a shot.

    My main tactic will be to pick the most vulnerable retinue in range and start peppering it with shots to try to build up some Crowd Pleaser points, then charge in at whatever I can either kite or outshoot. If it looks like they're going to catch me, I dive in, shoot and assault, then blow all of my points into combat resolution and pray. I don't expect to get a Sweep, but inflicting "No Retreat" saves and consolidating directly away from their Fall Back means they won't be killing me on their round.

    I fight for the Greater Good. Too bad for you it's MY Greater Good.

    Snow Forces of T'olku W/L/D : 3-4-2... I like to think I'm learning, though.

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    Senior Member Temujin Khan's Avatar
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    Too bad my store doesn't do that... As for the list, I think that gun drones would be nice.

    Good Luck and may the Greater Good guide your rolls

    "My Word is Iron"
    "Show me your Friends, and I'll show you your Future"

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