Hey, I was just wondering what I should use in an upcoming battle against chaos. He generally leans towards having 3 squads of marines, 3 squads of berzerkers, a land raider, Abaddon, and an upgraded squad of terminators. Of course he will be using more but he almost always uses these units.

These are the models I have to use:
Hive Tyrant with venom cannon, lash whip, and bone sword
Winged Hive Tyrant with 2 sets of scything talons
9 warriors; 8 with deathspitters, 1 with a venom cannon, and all have scything talons
1 lictor (yes yes i know i need more)
20 gaunts with fleshborers
20 gaunts with devourers
13 gaunts with spinefists
37 hormagaunts (i never use these as they rarely make up their points)
37 genestealers
1 ravener (i need more)
a ton of spore mines but i don't think anyone uses them as a unit
3 biovores
3 zoanthropes
carnifex with crushing claw and barbed strangler
carnifex with 2 sets of scything talons
carnifex with crushing claws and scything talons
2 carnifexes with 2 sets of devourers
carnifex with venom cannon and barbed strangler
hierophant (its not apocalypse but i could convince him to make it that way)

any suggestions for a list?