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    1500 points harlequins "counts-as"

    This is a list for casual play at the FLGS. I wanted to do a harlequin list as I like the look of them but I wanted it to be tourney-legal so no fan-made codexes. If anything I want this to be fun-based before anything else but I would still like to win, so no "take three falcons, YOU CAN'T LOSE" I want the battle to be fun, challenging, and engaging for me AND my opponent.


    Master of Shadows - (C.A. farseer) Doom, Fortune, Runes of warding, Spirit Stones
    145 points
    Going to have him join the larger harlequin unit to protect them when they walk across the table then doom before they assault.


    5 Death Masque (C.A. Banshees)
    Exarch with Mirror Sword and Acrobatic, Wave Serpent (See below for points and gear)
    107 points
    Pretty basic tactics, fly around and smack up armor in cover, solitaire will join them toward turn 4.

    Wave Serpent
    Spirit Stones
    100 points

    8 Harlequins
    Shadowseer, 5 kisses,
    194 points
    Gonna have these guys walk along a table edge with the master of shadows and try to rely on VoT and Fortune to keep them alive long enough to take some shots at a strategicly picked unit and charge them.


    10 Mimes (C.A. Storm Guardians)
    Fusion gun + Flamer
    92 points

    10 Mimes (C.A. Storm Guardians)
    Fusion Gun + Flamer
    92 points

    Never used these guys before so I'm being wary in choosing them, but I wanted to add to my model count for troops because eldar troops have pretty horrible survivability. Any help with these guys would be greatly appreciated.


    5 Dancers (C.A. Spiders)
    Exarch, Extra Death Spinner, Withdraw
    142 points
    Plan for these guys is to keep them in cover to escort the harlequin unit and use the harlies as bait. When a unit gets close enough to shoot at the harlies, jump out from cover, fire, jump back, and assault with the harlies


    Spirit Stones
    125 points

    TOTAL POINTS = 997 points

    I Don't know about the "spiders" because i might cut them to take another unit of harlies or a combat tooled Solitaire ( C.A. Autarch) Any C+C GREATLY appreciated, I've never been great at mathhammer.

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    First things first. Your wave serpeant and falcon must have a weapon equipped.

    5 banshees are generally not that good, specially without a doomseer. If you are goign to take banshees they should generally be at least 6 strong with an exarch and a doomseer, in a transport. that transport needs spirit stones.

    I would find the points for a troupe leader. His extra attack and power weapon really add to the effectiveness of the squad. Death jesters are often underrated because of their pinning effect.

    Storm guardians need a transport to be effective. Generally it is a better idea to take them with 2 of the same gun. Also a warlock adds alot to aunit of stormies. Either one with a spear (for fusion gun theme) or destructer for flamer theme.

    If you cant find the pts for this, use rangers, they work with harlequins and are effective. If not take guardian defenders.

    Warp spiders are best at mass fire against horde squads or rear armor smashing. Withdraw is only good for getting out of combat, they should never voluntarily go into it. They should always be used as deepstrikers.

    If your not putting anything in the falcon, dont take it. Take a fire prism. its effectiveness is much better.
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