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    1000 tournament shooty

    Here is a list that I am thinking of using in an upcoming tournament.

    Hive tyrant w wings, scytals*2, toxin sacs.
    Hive tyrant w 2x devourers, toxin sacs, enhanced senses, shadow in the warp

    Warriors - 5 warriors all w death spitters, scytals, toxin sacs
    Warriors - 3 warriors all w 2x devourers, toxin sacs, enhanced senses

    Termagaunts - 8x fleshborers, scuttlers
    Spineguants - 8 x Spineguants, WoN
    Spinegaunts - 14 x Spinegaunts

    Sniperfex - Venom Cannon, Barbed Strangler, Enhanced Senses
    Boomfex - Barbed Strangler, Scytals

    The general Idea is to blow the enemy off the table through a mixture of templates and devourer shots.
    The winged hive tyrant is designed to take out tanks as it will be able to cover the distance quickly and keep up with them.
    The other hive tyrant and the warriors and boomfex are going to be used to take out infantry of all shapes and sizes. Dev's aiming at the more elite/smaller squad infantry.
    The Sniperfex is going to aim to stun tanks out of the game.

    The biggest issue I have is the troops. They make up 1/5th of my army. Not much really. Plus they are weak troops so could get hit pretty hard considering there is only 30 of them. The WoN spines are going to be the first wall, so the larger squad can also get cover saves then they can come back and hold a home objective. The scuttlers are goign to outflank with the aim to come on later rather than sooner so they can take objectives in the opponents half. They have the slightly stronger guns as I find them really quite effective. Plus if they are really lucky they could stun an enemy tank. (not counting on it)

    So thoughts everyone? Do I have too little in the troops? Do I have too little anti tank? Are the warriors going too far? Should the Winger HT have devs because the different between 4 and 6 attacks against a tank is minimal for a MC?

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    You do have very few troops, and it will require you to do more killing than objective claiming, but we are Tyranids!

    The list looks great, really. Not much I can critique as it is so different from the list I tend to run.

    If you feel too low on troops or armor, you could take out a brood of warriors for a brood of stealers, which might be able to solve both problems and make your list more diverse. But it might now be needed.
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