2000 Point Biel Tan - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 Point Biel Tan


    Farseer-Runes of Witnessing, Fortune, Guide

    115 points


    Striking Scorpions x6-Exarch w/ Chainsabres, Stalker, and Shadowstrike

    138 points

    Fire Dragons x6-Exarch w/ Tank Hunters

    123 points

    Howling Banshees x6-Exarch w/ Executioner and Acrobatics

    123 points


    Dire Avengers x10-Exarch w/ Two Shuriken Catapults and Bladestorm
    Wave Serpent w/ TW Shuriken Cannons

    252 points

    Pathfinders x5

    120 points

    Guardians x10-Shuriken Cannon

    85 points

    Guardian Jetbike x6

    132 points

    Fast Attack

    Shining Spears x3

    105 points

    Warp Spiders x5-Exarch w/ Additional Death Spinner and Surprise Assault

    132 points

    Swooping Hawks x6-Exarch w/ Skyleap

    132 points

    Heavy Support

    Dark Reapers x5-Exarch w/ Tempest Launcher and Fast Shot

    227 points

    Falcon w/holofields, Shuriken Cannon

    155 points

    Falcon w/holofields, Shuriken Cannon

    155 points

    Total: 1994 points

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    This list will probably look awesome, but I don't think it will be very effective. I can understand that you want to take a bunch of different aspect warriors, in fact I tried to make my lists as diverse as possible to begin with too. But in general this is the wrong way to go, you want units that fill a role and them units that support them.

    For starters your Fire Dragons and Banshees need transports in my eyes, without transports you might as well not take these units. I would also recommend fielding a full squad on Banshees and Scorpions instead of just 6 models, they are a lot more effective that way. I believe this is also true for your Warp Spiders but I never have any luck with them so I'm not the guy to give advice on what to do with those.

    The weapon choice for your Falcons and Serpent is questionable, I think it's worth those extra points to at least give them E.M.L's since you already paid the base points for those units. The Falcons might do better with Starcannons against monstrous creatures though, so they are an option as well. This will also make the Falcons fairly good at hunting heavy infantry like Terminators and the like, but I would recommend that you Guide them with a Farseer for this role. And no Wave Serpent should be without Spirit Stones, you never ever want it standing still.

    Your Farseer should have Spirit Stones since you are giving him two powers anyway. I'm not sure what you are going to be doing with him though. Do you plan to keep him in the rear to guide one of your Falcons and Fortune your Reapers? Or do you intend to have him move forward with some other units? Doom is a great choice if you are fielding Banshees, since their low strength will need that extra help for them to be at their best. Runes of Witnessing isn't essential, and you can probably put those points to better use.

    If I were you I would drop the Guardians and Hawks and use those points for Serpents for the Banshees and Dragons. I'd probably also replace the Falcons with naked Prisms to free up some points you can use for a Doomseer and more aspect warriors. The naked Spears can also be dropped for more aspect warriors. You can probably drop the Dragon Exarch to save more points, and you can definitely skip the Tank Hunters ability on him. The only Aspect Warrior unit that doesn't need more manpower is the Dragon squad, so don't increase their numbers for the points you free up elsewhere.

    If you have any problems making some of these changes let me know and I'll have another go at it. =)

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    His banshees and fire dragons have transports. they are OBVIOUSLY meant to go in his two falcons considering they are both 6 man squads and well....he has two falcons..

    If you you're going to take two powers on the farseer, take spirit stones instead of runes of warding. the runes are luxuries, but with two powers the spirit stones are just an economically better decision, you literally get 5-7 more powers cast per game...

    Your anti-tank is tricky for 2,000 points. You have...the dragons, which is an obviously good choice. Then all you have are haywire grenades on the hawks, pulse lasers on the BS3 falcons, and that pitiful squad of naked shining spears. To me, at 2,000 points i mean you may be seeing some huge tanks that you're stuff is just going to bounce off of, and I smart opponent will see how limited your anti tank is and just blow it off the table.

    In my opinion, the spears squad is just going to be a waste, only 3 can't do any real damage, and no exarch means no big lance, no hit and run, and IF you can get them to charge into combat, they are done after that. The guardian jetbikes, while never useless for objective grabbing, are a little out of place to me. You would be much better off dipping out on this spears unit and the jetbikes and basically just getting something better or adding bodies to some other squads. You could get another avenger squad in a serpent, an avatar, and put some lances on the serpent. adding bodies to the spiders and hawks would never be a bad idea, since these guys generally need more shots to do damage and will only increase their effectiveness.

    I would really put lances on the serpent for the Dire Avengers right now, at the very least have on in there. The spears are just expensive for AT and not all that reliable as they are still only Str 6 lances on the charge and I mean, big armor is still big armor. Gotta love the tempest launcher though, I think most people find it more useful with crack shot, good ap and no cover saves! and re-roll to wounds =) it's better with this weapon. where as fast shot is better with the eml.

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