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    Eldar 1500 pts Army List

    Well I've been playing my Eldar army for a while, and i developed my original army list, which, I reckon it's quite different, from majority of Eldar army builds, I've seen on net (to be honest i didn't see many). However I've always had these two dominants in mind when composing my force: first were my aesthetics - I love when my army looks coherently, symmetrically and doesn't consist of units that look bad (ie. 3 jetbikes just doesn't go, not mentioning their repulsive minis), second - my ever ongoing quest to keep casualties among Eldar (mainly living ones, not Wraithconstructs).

    One last thing that should be mentioned is that despite my fluffy-aesthetical approach I've made quite effective army. Mostly I was playing with Tyranids and Tau and Marines, but also Necrons, Chaos Marines and one with the new Imperial Guard, I must say that i won great majority of games (even that with new IG - but it was extremely close, and my opponent had really bad throws). I'm not tournament player - I just play for fun with friends, so just let me know what You think about this army list.

    After this quite boring prelude - here it is:

    Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones
    Mind War, Guide, Fortune

    Dire Avengers
    Exarch Power Weapon, Shimmershield
    Bladestorm, Defend

    Guardian Defenders
    Heavy Weapon Platform: Eldar missile launcher

    Exarch Mirrorsword

    Rune Armor, Witchblade

    Heavy Support

    Wraithlord Wraithblade, Eldar Missle Launcher

    Wraithlord Wraithblade, Eldar Missle Launcher

    3 x War Walker Left arm: Star Cannon, Right arm: Star Cannon

    How it works:
    guide the war walkers if not out flanking,
    doom help war walkers, banshees and massive shuricken storm from guardians, avengers on closely deep stricking units
    fortune the concealed wraithguards making them almost immune to shoting (I'm not talking about new IG: template wounds on 2+, AP3...)

    always keep banshees for any counter attack (they often countered Hive Tyrrant)
    walkers just take down anything they want (except tank)
    Wraithlords and wraithcannons, destroys heavy vehicles
    Missiles are there for infantry and light vehicles

    everything can move and fire and is steadily approaching enemy, keeping everything in range of spells and wraithconstructs in range of psykers.

    I often change my roster slightly to fit my enemy (it's how we play - me and my friends), but it's only changing the equipment, adding warlocks to guardians, and sometimes going for only 2x dire avengers or only 2x guardiands (ie. with conceal and 2 Farseer (one is Eldrad) so guardians and wraithguards can go across the table with rerolled 5+ cover save).
    Recently, as I mentioned, I also commonly include Eldard in my army list, 'cause I just love his magic potential, and his weapon. In last battle with Tyranids he heroically took down Carnifex (with one wound lest) only to be shot down by gaunts - 3 wound , and roll of 1, 1, and 2. He's just great.

    Ok, let me know what You think.

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    First off I've no idea what to think, because I see no numbers on your units, which means neither I nor anyone else have a way of truly contemplating the ways to best make your list more effective, but that can be changed with a quick edit.

    Now to the list, For the immense amount of points your spendin on your farseer, you may as well take eldrad every battle, and fortune two units and guide the walkers.

    Second, that's a whole lot of points to spend on some DA's, are you sure it's worth it? I understand defend and the PW, but I normally would go for the dual cats and drop the other two to save points. The dire avengers should shoot the enemy droppers, and the banshees should wipe what's left off the table.

    I like the war walker idea, only if you tailor your list for starcannons vs meq, and scatter lasers vs geq, but it seems a viable list.

    With so little mobility, how do you play a 2 objective mission? especially cross board (just interested)

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