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    3K regular play & 4K Planet Strike Necron list, help against multi armies

    3K list for regular play

    80 Troops
    = 6 Units, 4w/ 13 models & 2w/ 14 models=(1440 points)

    1 HQ
    = Lord (205 points)
    Chronometron, Destroyer body, Gaze of Flame, Rez Orb & Warscythe

    7 Elites
    = Immortals=(196 points)

    2 Fast Attack Units
    = 6x wraiths (246 points)

    1 Fast Attack Unit
    = 5x Destroyers (250 points)

    2 Heavy Units
    = 2x Monoliths (470 points)

    1 Heavy Unit
    = 3x heavy Destroyers (195 points)

    Total=3002 P.O. 26

    Planet Strike
    I can add 1000 points

    1x Nightbringer
    W/ 5x Pariahs

    29x Scarabs w/ disruption fields
    (I really want to see that many scarabs swarming the front lines)

    Tell me what ya think. I have yet to have my Phase Out cherry popped. I am new and only played 4 games so far (2 wins & 2 losses). I have all these models already. Here's to hoping I don't have to buy more.

    I also plan on fighting a lot of SM and most likely 2 armies since this is a big list in my club. I will never fight Tyranids again; seeing as between my WBB rolls and his Without Number made the game last nine hours.

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    Welcome to LO and the Necron Tomb jspyd3rx! Hope you have a good stay here.

    3K normal games huh? Is that the average points at yer club 'cause that is gigantic.

    Swapping some warriors for immortals, so you can use up those elites slots is probably not a bad idea, and the firepower is very welcome. Especially since your only long range is jammed into two squads. There's an articles somewhere around here on converting warrior models into Immortals (AND flayed ones)

    Wraithlords are for Wraiths.

    WITH those flayed ones converted from warriors, you would have what I feel to be a much better support unit for that Nightbringer than Pariahs. Pariahs are a VERY advanced unit, and I will not tell you not to take them, but I will say they are somewhat specific in what they do. Flayed ones would give you the masses of attacks that a Nightbringer can't dish out, whilst the NB can crush anything too big for the flayed ones to scratch. Also flayed ones can charge after Deepstrike in Planetstrike, pariahs can't! (10 flayed ones will run you the same points as 5 pariahs btw)

    Also, if you haven't yet, take an afternoon or three and read through all the indexes. Arts of the Red Harvest in particular (not JUST because it's mine, but also because it's 5ed current >>)

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