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    1500 wwp tourney

    hello everyone, i'm new to LO and i'm quite new at dark eldar, in a few weeks i'll be participating in a 1500 points tourney so i'd like some critics about my list thanks a lot for helping


    -Archon w/ punisher and th, drugs, shadowfield, trophy rack, plasma grenades,
    animus vitae, jetbike
    192 pts

    -Wych Dracitew/ agonizer, pistol, drugs, trophy rack, plasma grenades
    98 pts


    -7 wyches w/ wych weapons, plasma grenades
    1 wych succubus w/ agonizer, pistol, wych weapons, plasma grenades
    390 pts


    -9 warriors
    1 sybarite w/ webway portal
    191 pts

    -10 warriors w/ 2 cannons, 2 blasters
    220 pts

    -10 warriors w/ 2 dark lances
    100 pts


    -4 reavers w/ 2 blasters
    1 reaver succubus w/ punisher, th, plasma grenades
    188 pts


    -ravager w/ 3 disintegrators
    120 pts

    TOTAL 1499 pts

    any suggestion is much appreciated and feel free to criticize and insult my list

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    First a technical issue:
    You cannot take more than 100 points of wargear on your Archon. What i would suggest is to lose the shadow field and animus vitae and make him a Wych Archite (Mr. Sybarite is leading your army! ). This gives him a solid save in close combat, and he can still use turbo boost to gain a good save from shooting (aside from flamers). You can also run him with the Reavers for added protection from shooting.

    Two squads of 7 Wyches is pretty strong CC defense for a 1500 list, so kudos there. You should put some shredders on them in my opinion. That way you're not spending 400 points for squads without adding firepower to your list. They can be useful for that role if you keep them on their transports due to the double guns. Shredders? because the one thing that hurts wyches worst is a horde of CC models. Shredders will give you some much needed blasts to deal with that horde.

    I'm not seeing how you are going to use the WWP. It looks to me like you would be better off just using those points for extra firepower and starting most everything on the board (depends on the mission though). Also, the 10 Warriors on their own are rather useless, so definitely give them some firepower. You need it. I'd suggest another DL squad. I prefer the Raider DL squad because it can pick up and leave if enemy is looking to charge. The Raider also provides cover for the squad if the terrain is sparse.

    With your extra points, another Ravager will be your best addition. Either DLs or Disintegrators will be fine. So rework it a little and we'll see how many points are left over. I gtg at the moment. Good job overall. This list looks fairly well balanced.

    --•-My 40K projects-•--

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