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    Roughly 1200 without Pathfinders

    If I do go with the Tau Empire here's what it would look like:

    HQ: 1 Shas'el Commander w/ fusion blaster, plasma rifle, multi-tracker, and bonding knife w/ 2 Shas'vre Bodyguards w/ fusion blasters, plasma, rifles, multi-tackers, and target lock

    Elites: 6-man Stealth Team w/ Shas'vre team leader, 2 fusion blasters, drone controller, and 1 (or, if it's possible, 2) Markerlight drone(s)

    Troops: 12-man Fire Warrior Squad w/ Shas'ui Team leader, photon and EMP grenades, and a Devilfish w/ distruption pod
    17-man Kroot Carnivore Squad w/ Shaper

    Fast Attack: 6 Gun Drones

    Heavy Support: Hammerhead Tank w/ railgun, burst cannons, target lock and distruption pod

    Keep in mind that this is the basics of my army. If if done the points right it should be about a 1,200 point army. I realize there's no pathfinders yet - they will come later. Would this be effective enough? Any pointers or recommendations?

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    Perhaps drop a few Kroot, 17 in the one squad is quite a lot for 1200pts. Same with the number of Stealth Suits. By dropping these you should be able to get another Fire Warrior Squad in.
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    a few things:
    1. drop at least 2 stealth suits, 4-3 are plenty, and dont take the shas'vre , make him team leader so he still has bonding knife, for 5 less pts.
    2. dont take fusion blasters on the stealths, but if u do take one, and just to confirm this only taek 1 marker drone.
    3. take out gun drones! they are nothing but free kill points to most armies!
    4. i like the HQ choice but maybe drop the fusion blaster for something a little longer on the shas'el.
    5. now this one is completely up to u, but take the Shas'O, with all these spare points maaybe.
    6. if u can get the points, maybe a couple of broadsides, but if u cant fit them without downsizing dont.
    7. more, more, more fire warriors! (or at least more troops)
    thats about it.
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