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Thread: Tau Army List

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    Tau Army List

    I am a newbie ork player and will finish that up in a few months. When that is over, I hope to start a Tau army. Since I have nothing but the codex, now would be a good time to build the list.

    ALso, the size of the list is supposed to be pretty big. My friends do real big scale stuff, but not necessarily Apocylypse

    Tau Army List – 2,600 Pts
    *- Plasma Rifle
    -Fusion Blaster
    - Multi-Tracker
    -Iridium Armor (Hard Wired)

    2 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits
    - 2 Plasma Rifles Pods
    - 2 Multi-Trackers
    - 2 Missile Pods
    2 XV8 Crisis Battlesuits +
    -2 Twin-Linked Fusion Blasters
    - 2 Hard-wired Multi-Trackers
    - 2Targeting Arrays
    - 2 Plasma Rifles
    6 XV 15 Stealth Armor
    + 6Targeting Arrays

    (6) 12 Fire Warriors
    - 6 Team Leader with Bonding Knife
    - 6 Marker Lights
    5 Devil Fish APC (Dedicated Transports)+
    - 5 Seeker Missiles
    20 Kroot +
    -10 Kroot Hounds –
    *- 3 Krootox -

    Heavy Support
    3 Sniper Drone Teams
    3 XV88 Broadside Battlesuites
    - 3Advanced Stabilization Systems
    - 3Twin- Linked Plasma Rifles
    Hammerhead Gunship
    - Railgun
    - Dual (Not Twin-Linked) Burst Cannons

    My plan was to make a giant firing line after using the Devilfishes to rush up to some cover and focus fire on the infantry with the Fire Warriors. I planned on using Snipers to help. Then all the other choices take out vehicles. I'm new, don't be too brutal

    Edited out the individual points costs and some rules for items. Please read and adhere to our rules!

    Feel free to repost the points as TOTAL points costs for units, but do not list each cost per upgrade. As that is a violation of GW IP.

    Last edited by Riptor; September 18th, 2009 at 23:35.

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