Got a game soon against alpha legion and orks (mix of fast and big foot slogger units) so i wanted to post my list i want to run.

Shas'el--twin plasma, missle pod, multi tracker--97

3 XV8's-- twin plasma, targetting array-- 195

3 XV8's--twin flamers, missle pod, team leader with HW multi tracker-- 139

9 fire warriors-- shas'ui-- 100

9 fire warriors-- shas'ui-- 100

9 fire warriors-- shas'ui-- 100

10 kroot-- 5 hounds-- 100

Heavy Support:
1 Broadside-- stabilization system-- 80

1 Broadside-- stabilization system-- 80

Total: 991

The plan is to sort of sit back with most units, use the broadsides to take out transports early, but everything in my list can pretty much stop ork trukks and rhinos with luck. The torch squad is there to clean orks off of an objective and to throw down MP shots every turn. The burning eye unit is there to wipe CSMs off objectives at rapid fire range and to shoot plasma almost every turn. The Shas'el will stay with them to add extra shots each turn for a total of 8 plasma shot at close range, his MP adding to the shot volume as well.
2 units of fire warriors will probably sit with my home objective and lay down full range shots from turn 1, the kroot and the 3rd fire warrior unit will move out and try to claim another objective under the cover of one of the crisis teams.
Let me know what needs to be changed, i know i need mobility but 80pts for a devil fish is so much