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    Need help with 1700

    I have an upcoming tourny and its my first one, i currently have about 2300 points worth of stuff, i made a few lists on paper but they didnt turn out good when i showed my friend so i was wondering if someone experienced can help me out. I have 60 Warriors, 2 Lords, 1 with warscyth, 1 with Staff of Light, 6 flayed, 10 immortls, 8 destoryers, 2 wraiths, 1 monolith, 12 scarabs, 1 tomb spidyer. Thanks for your help

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    Well, it looks like you have the makings for a decent army in there, but how do you like to play? Are there any tactics you're familiar with, or want to give a shot. Take a look through the Art of the Red Harvest threads for tactic suggestions.

    But regardless of the tactic, there are a few things that you can be reasonably sure you'll want. 1700 seems like a strange point level, I normally take 1 warrior squad for each 500 points, and it's right in the middle, so it'll depend on how many other 'crons you take, but since it's closer to 15 than 20, I'd start with 3x10 warriors

    After that, destroyers are never a bad choice, so it might be worth taking all of them.

    I'm really attached to monoliths as well, so throw that in the pot...

    This part is most likely to change, because it's an advanced tactic, but if you can manage it, I think it would be the best way to go with the models you have is a flying circus, so that's a VoD for the lord, and 10 immortals to hop around with

    so now we're sitting at:

    Lord with Vod and Orb
    10 immortals
    3x10 warriors
    2x4 destroyers

    And if you have any points left, that tomb spyder would be a good choice to keep your phalanx happy.

    Unless you have a preference for the type of list, or tactic, or maybe have any info about what armyies you'll be up against (unlikely, I know) there are a ridiculously large number of possibilities.

    EDIT: An idea, maybe if you were really stuck you could post those other lists you wrote up yourself so we can get a feel for how you play and give more specific advice about improving those, or guiding our suggestions, ect.

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    Hmmmm, I agree I want to see these lists of yours. It looks like you've got a solid collection to start with. Also, mortal players don't always know what they're talking about.

    Adalias wrote up a strong list there, to fit in a tomb spyder I'd drop two immortals off the top of that (it's a 1-2 point difference.)

    Adail, I tried to Rep you for this one, but apparently you've been too awesome lately!
    Last edited by Alzer; September 28th, 2009 at 16:44.

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