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Thread: Newbie army

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    Newbie army

    Hi all, I've recently gotten back into 40k after a fifteen year break, and previously fought with Tyranids. Fancied something a bit different this time, and the general attitude of the Orks appealed to my destructive side.

    I've formed the basis of an army, and I'll be mostly up against Dark Angels, Tau and Imperial Guard armies (or a combination of the three), so I just wondered if anyone could give me a few hints as to which direction to head in next. I've checked out a few army lists on here, but everyone seems a lot more organised than me, as I mostly got units that were cheap to buy or that I liked the look of, and haven't got much coherency in my list at the moment, plus I've literally only just got my hands on the codex, and have been spending more time on the look of my boyz than on their fighting ability.

    At present I have:

    1 war boss
    1 weirdboy
    10 nobz
    40 boyz
    30 grots
    3 grotherderz
    1 trukk
    3 bikerboyz (may upgrade to nobz for added points value and 'ardness if thats allowed)
    3 deffkoptas

    With a few modifications that I've made to a couple of models I reckon I've currently got between 900 and 1155 points worth of army, but I've been offered the chance to go up against a 2000 point DA/IG army in the near future, and although I could do with a couple of skirmishes to get me back into the swing of things (I haven't played since 2nd ed. rules), I would like to have a good go at smashing my enemies heads together on our first fight. Like you do.

    Anyway, any tips would be well received, thanks in advance


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    It depends what kind of army you want to run; foot-sloggers, mechanized, or Mek toys. No matter what direction you go you definitely need more Boyz, at least 4 more boxes worth. Also, another Trukk and a couple Battle Wagons wouldn't hurt either.
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