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Thread: 1200 point army

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    1200 point army

    How's this? (My very first list )

    Necron Lord
    -Destroyer body
    -Resurrection Orb
    -Veil of Darkness

    40 Necron warriors

    Fast Attack
    3 Destroyers
    10 Scarab Swarms

    Total= 1200 points

    The thing I'm worried about are vehicles, as my friend is a space marine player.

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    Hey there, furbster!

    1,200 points is an uncommon points limit. But there you go...

    You need to edit out the points costs for individual equipment! That's against the forum rules! Quick, before we get in trouble. Oh, and by the way: check your res orb cost...?!

    What's the destroyer body on the lord doing? Are you planning on flying him alongside the destroyers? They don't need the veil, actually, and your warriors in return need the resurrection orb. So you're probably better off dropping the destroyer body to save points and put the lord with the warriors for orb coverage and to veil with one squad (maybe make it a 20-man squad, if you like).
    The destroyer lord is more of a close combat unit if you give him a warscythe. He can wreck havoc on his own but is even better if used with a large unit of scarabs or a wing of wraiths. But a staff of light lord flying around with destroyers is not really a very good idea. And as I said, the destroyers have enough mobility themselves, they don't need the veil. So use the veil with some warriors.

    If you're worried about vehicles then use more destroyers. You should definitely do so anyhow, because three of them are just way to easy to kill in one turn, denying you any chance of WBBing them, effectively wiping them out forever. Your giving away your special rules! Field at least two minimum squads. You need some more longer-ranged firepower too, so this will come in doubly handy.
    Target transports. You'll easily cut through AV10 and AV11. Any tanks with better armor will have to get glanced. Don't try to destroy them right away, that eats up way too many shots and leaves too many enemy units unengaged. Be content if you manage to stun a vehicle and proceed to shoot the next one. You can do it again in your next turn, but for now the threat is eliminated...

    You may also want to give the scarabs disruption fields if you are really having big problems with vehicles. But they tend to become expensive then, so just leave them the way they are and be sure to use them well as a speed-bump to keep your warriors unengaged.

    So drop the destroyer body on the lord and ten warriors to instead field two squads of four destroyers each. You'll still need to free some points, probably dropping two scarab bases is best.
    This does drastically reduce your phase out number, but it helps to drastically improve your damage output and keeps the destroyers alive which is key. Really. And a squad of four of them will easily stop a vehicle.


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    Hi furbster,

    I just played a 1500 point game against SM Sunday, I'll try and tell you what worked against him.

    10 x Scarabs: These were great, individually not much but on the charge they throw a lot of dice and unless you're really unlucky bound to take down small units enough to get them to run. The only thing to watch out for is they have low initiative so will get hit first. I didn't get to test them against his vehicles but I've heard they do fairly well when equipped with disrupter fields.

    3 x Destroyers: I used 3 squads of these, and they did fairly well against his vehicles, my main problem was my rolls weren't great. I managed to shut down one of his vehicles for half the game. I recommend 5 man squads for WBB. He targetted mine with a lot so watch out for concentrated fire.

    Necron Warriors: These didn't do much in my game, I also had 30 in a 1500 point game. They got one sniper squad in the end but spent a lot of time running from terminators and a command squad.

    Lord: I think you've got too many equipment points. You can use orb and veil, veil and body, or body and orb and some extra. Like Archer said, use the veil to keep warriors out of CC and away from the squads I mentioned.

    I also had a monolith in my army, which is great for blocking LOS. It ended up not doing much b/c of a lascannon destroying it on a lucky roll but can be useful. Are these all your models or do you have others?

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