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    help with my 1000 army list

    warboss with twinlinked big shoota, 'uge choppa, 'eavy armor, and bosspole. he is in a squad of 5 meganobs with cybork armour and power claws.
    1 squad of thirty boyz and 3 squad of ten boyz. all with nobs and big shootas.
    3 nob warbikes, one is a dok, another has a power klaw and the third has a big choppa.

    thats all i got for now tell me what you think.

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    Just so you know the way to post armies so people can read/comment on i easier is following this system.

    Points Unit Name Wargear.

    Points Unit name and wargear

    ETC. ETC.

    Look at the other posts and see how they do it.

    But on to the advice.

    Warboss--you usually see this Power klaw, bosspole, heavy armor, cybork body. Go with that makes him killy and hard to be killed.

    Meganobs--they are best put in a tank cause they move so slow. Your opponent with kill of your softer orks then be able to take care of these guys. Drop down the number and put in a trukk (as models in mega armor count as two for transporting) or make them regular nobs

    Boys--first think you say they have nobz and big shootas, but do they have choppa/pistol or shootas, what do the nobs have and how many big shootas? You run a smaller army than me but in mine i have trukk boys (12) and guys on foot. Guys on foot have 25 with shootas, nob w/bosspole and 2 big shootas. You really only want shootas for foot sloggers and choppas for boys in trukks unless you have 30 of them with no special weapons (that way you can run each turn)

    Nob bikers--3 of them even with a dok will not be that effective or pack that much of a punch. In combat (were you want them) if someone have a power weapon/fist they ignore your cover armor and feel no pain saves thus easily killing of your unit.

    Look at the army lists both how they write them and what they have and also check out the tactics page.
    Repainting Orks not sure how many points yet
    Warriors of Chaos shelved until further notice

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