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Thread: 1850

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    So this is all the stuff I own for nids this was the best I could come up with. Willing to purchase a few things to fill it out where necassary but broke college kid can't afford much.

    Hive Tyrant: Enhanced senses, extended carapace, toxin sacs, tl devourers, venom cannon 174
    -Tryant guard x2 w/ lash 90

    Warrior x3: enhanced senses, toxin sacs, deathspitter x2, venom cannon 97

    Warrior x3: adrenal glands +I, Bio Plasma, Leaping, Toxin sacs, Rending claws, scything talons 123

    Lictor x2 160

    Gene stealers x9: acid maw, scything talons, 207
    Gene stealers x9: acid maw, scything talons, 207

    Guant x24: spine fist 120
    Guant x24: spine fist 120

    Hormagaunt x16: toxin sac 98
    Hormagaunt x16: toxin sac 98

    Raveners x2: scything talons/rending claws, devourer 100

    Carnifex: bonded exoskeleton, spore cyst, barbed strangler, tl deathspitter 145

    Zoanthrope x2 warp blase 110


    But haven't played 'nids in ages. Any pointers or feedback on ways i could make what I have into a decent list withouth spending a lot of money woult be much appreciated.

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