HQ: Lord, VoD, NS

HQ: Lord, Dbody, ResOrb

Elt: 5 immortals

Elt: 6 Immortals

Trp: 3x10 Warriors

FA: 2x3 Destroyers

HS: 2x Tomb Spyders

HS: 2x Heavy Destroyers
Total: 1748 PO:

I've seen lists with the Veil/Nightmare bomb before, and I've never tried it, today I have a good opportunity for that too. With smaller squads of Immortals I'll be able to Deep-strike more safely into enemy lines, let a Shroud blast loose to rile up his infantry and then hammer a tank or unfleeing unit with some gauss-blaster love.

Otherwise it's a standard phalanx w/ destroyers. I'm wondering if maybe I should split my HDs into separate units to avoid them both getting blasted off the map all at once? I'm going to need that anti tank punch to stay around for a bit.