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    Necron 2500PT Army list

    Hello, This is my 2500 point Necron list, I am planning on playing against my friend this week who mainly uses Ork and it will be an annihilation match. I'll give a brief description as to why I'm using the individual units that I am any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Fast Attack:
    2 X 5 Destroyers ( 500 )

    Pretty standard for any necron army shooting, flanking, out running, one of Necrons stongest units by far.

    1 X 3 Wraith ( 123 )

    Used with one of the Lords to travel down the side of the battle field to flank the enemy and kill specific units. There high Initiative is awesome for taking on small squads.

    3 X 5 Immortals ( 460 )

    Small squad size makes for multiple targets during the firing phase, and makes it much harder to tie up the majority of them during the assault phase. However they will always be relatively close to each other so they will be able to WBB and join the nearest squad as well. They move shoot and can if need be assault let the circus continue.

    2 X 1 Monolith ( 470 )

    Gives your units a third save, saves your units from close combats transports your units up to 18" from where they are and then allows them to make thier normal movement phase followed by thier normal shooting phase and if thier lucky enough to have assault weapons yes they can assault as well just an amazing defensive unit. As well as being able to crush the enemy with Strength 9 ap 3 templates and d6 to every unit in 12" the monolith might be the most powerful necron unit.

    3 X 10 Warriors ( 540 )

    Small groups to allow the most diversification for shooting, as well as being unable to tie up as many in close combat when they are assaulted. (not as many as I usually play but trying something new)


    2 x 1 Lord (orb, destroyer body, Phylactery, Warsycthe) 390

    1 will accompany wraiths and stay within 6'' to allow for wbb even if all the wraith and killed and the Destroyer body gives the extra strength and makes it very hard to kill in close combat against the majority of units. also the two will be able to split up to attack to separate squad if that would be the most advantageous at the time since the lord will be an amazing tool to destroy vehicles with since he has been upgraded with the warscythe.

    Lord number 2 will be heading the main portion of the army and will be able to prevent an assault of my main squads and tie up units for a few turns then be pulled through the monolith to move 12'' again then shoot then assault 6''

    I chose not to use the veil this time however I do understand its value but for this list do not believe it would be the most advantageous.

    Any input would be a great help

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    You should edit out the points costs of the individual upgrades on the lord very swiftly! It violates forum rules and stuff...

    Though personally I prefer more focused lists (not as much of a unit mix-up as the one above) I do think the list presented above is quite fair.
    Though - at 2,500 points - it does have very few scoring units. For Necrons each scoring unit is indeed really expensive, so it can hardly be done to use three of them at 1,000 points if you want some other units too, but even with Necrons I would set three as a minimum for 1,500-2,000 points. Being at 2,500 I definitely recommend adding a fourth squad of 10 warriors...

    In your elite slots you probably meant immortals rather than warriors? You made them too expensive. Your points cost for the warriors is also off (a little too much). That should free up some points, though not enough to add anything really useful, unfortunately...

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