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    600pt school league list

    Having just recieved a copy of the school league rules published by GW for 40min battles I thought I would give it a go.
    The list states a max of 600pts with a minimum of 1HQ & 2 troop choices; and a maximum of 1x elite AND 1x heavy support OR fast choice.

    My list looks like this:
    • HQ Farseer with no special kit and guide as his only power (will sit back close to avengers & walkers) 90
    • Troops 7 Dire avengers incl. exarch with power-sword & shimer shield, defend & blade-storm abilities (take / hold 2nd closest objective) 141
    • Troops 5 ranger pathfinders (hide in cover & pin advancing troops) 120
    • Heavy support 2 Walkers with 2ELM each (defend closest objective & act as ordenance preferably with farseers 'guide' helping them out but also as anti-tank option) 140
    • Elite 5 scorpions incl exarch w/ chain-sabres, stalker & shadow-strike (hold in reserve to deep-stike / win or contest any poorly defended objective) 126
    This adds up to 602, which I assume is OK if not would have to dump scorpions stalker or swap an ELM for a scatter-laser to drop to 597.

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    Dire avengers are awful at holding objectives, even in cover. THey are good at it when in their wave serpent chariot. Drop the PW/SS and defend and give him dual catapults and blade storm.

    Drop your pathfinders on top of your home objective, downgrade to rangers if you need points.

    Id drop the war walkers and take a fire prism. it can either hurt enemy troops or vehicles better.

    Give that scorp exarch a power claw. youll want the power weapon for their combat resolutions.
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