First off before the background of my joining the Greater Good, here is the list.

Headquarters: (1/2)

Commander Shas'el - 110
-Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array, HW Blacksun Filter, HW Multi-Tracker, Stimulant Injector

The trusty Fire Knife loadout with an added Stim Injector. Just so hard to say no with something so effective

Elite: (1/3)

Stealthsuits - 150
- 3 Stealthsuits w/ Burst Cannon, Drone Controlers
- 6 Gun Drones

Now I have had this setup used against me several times, and at first I was confused. That was before I realized that drones gain the benefits of the squad they are with (ie: Drones with Stealth Suits benefit from the Stealth Field Generator and JSJ Tactics). At first they would seem like an easy target, Then, 15 S 5 Shots (6 of those Twin-Linked) in the face school you otherwise

Troops: (2/6)

Fire Warrior - 120
-12 Fire Warriors w/ Pulse Rifles

Fire Warrior - 120
-12 Fire Warriors w/ Pulse Rifles

These guys are just so awesome, and I cant believe that they are basic Troops. Granted...CC is not their friend but who cares when you can boot scoot and fire/run to new firing positions.

Roster Total: 500/500

Part Deux. Now that we have the roster, which that is what this whole area is about, we can discuss the 'Why?'. I was an avid Witch Hunters player, having a 1000 Pt. Pure Inquisition (no sisters) army that I used every tournament (most recently came in 3rd with a Score of 2W - 1L - 0D ). Along with this was about 2000 Pt. Space Marines, both armies I have had for a while and adapted from edition to edition. With my wife taking an interest in 40k, and loving my Inquisition/Space Marine Armies, it was an easy sacrifice to make in order to keep momma happy . Now I am left without an army, and just invested into a chunk of the Tau Empire yesterday, having loved the army for its visual appearance and robotic influences. This army list is my starting point, and what I will be using to gain my footing with the basics of the Tau Empire before moving into larger games and adding in more units, just to help me learn what works for me and what I need a boost in.

As I always build armies to WYSIWYG, I will let everyone know that all I have is 2 - 12 man squads of Fire Warriors, a Battlesuit converted into a Shas'el, 3 Stealth suits, 6 Gun Drones, and a random Marker Drone.