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    Help with Three Battle Wagon Army

    I am a fairly new player but have had a lot of luck playing Orks so far. Usually run 2 units of 30 shootas and 2 units of 20 sluggas (one in a wagon). However, I have wanted to step up my game and just got a third battle wagon. I think I want to build a competitive tournament army around the three of them. Right now the miniatures I have are:

    30 Shootas
    30 Shootas
    20 Sluggas
    20 Sluggas
    12 Sluggas

    3 Battle Wagons
    1 Trukk
    1 Dred (I don't seem to get my points worth from him)
    8 Lootas (can get more, probably four more this week)
    3 big guns w/grots and runt herd
    All the nob I could want from the AOBR box and pain boy (don't seem to be worth the points, but haven't ever ran them in a BW)
    5 deffcotas (they die a lot so I don't like using them)
    Bits to build 4 bikers
    Left over pieces to make 8 tank busters and 8 burrna boyz

    1 Big Mech w/CFF
    1 PK Boss
    1 Weird Boy

    Like I said I am still building but I am looking for some advice. The army size I am going for should be 1750-2000.

    1. What are the best ways to fit out a group of 3 BWs? I think Grabbing Klaws and boarding planks would help my PKs with enemy vehicles...thoughts? I also want 2 guns on each BW...Which ones?
    2. How have you been successful in deploying them? Should I put the Nobs in them so I can take my big guns, or leave the nobs at home? (Not a big fan of Nobs, Deffcotas and the dread thus far)
    3. What else do I need to buy? More boys, Lootas, or something else?
    4. Does 3 BWs w/19-20 boyz each and 2 30 Boy Mobs sound like a good place to start?
    5. Should I even mess with the 12 Trukk Boyz or find a better use of points?
    6. Deff Rollas?
    7. Should I try and keep the BW cost down or should I splurge on them?
    8. Please give any advice / insight you feel would be useful.


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    i run my battle wagons with armor plates grot riggers 1 big shoota deff rolla and wreckin ball. Thus far no one has stoped my wagon i run 1 with 5 PK nobs with pain boy and my warboss i also put the KFF mek in there with them but he never leaves the wagon. for my second wagon i run 18 shoota boys with 2 big shootas. truck boys are great nothing like you opponents face when you assult on turn 2. as for deploy ment i put the 2 wagons next to each other then the trucks next to them this gives them all the cover from the KFF it looks like this.
    T T
    ___________________________________Table edge_________________________________________

    this so far has worked well for me and most people from what i have seen will tell you that mixed armys dont work well cause your army is split into 2 geoups the fast group and the slow group makes life easy for your opponent caust he can kill the fast group off will the rest of your boys play catch up you want your hole army to hit at one time so he has to try and deal with alot at once geting beatin up a piece at a time sux.

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    Hello there,

    To let you know, any thread concerning an army list is posted in the army list section (and not the main army forum). No worries. I'll go ahead and move it.

    *thread punted*
    Spambot kill tally. . .337

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