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    2000pt. list wondering your thoughts

    I'm fairly new to the game and have played a few smaller point games with my necrons and have found the ups and downs to the army well here's one of the lists i've made up i was just wondering if you guys had any ideas for good changes to it

    HQ: 1 lord w/res orb and phylactery 155

    elite:1x10 immortals(w/disruption) 300

    troop:1x10 warriors(w/disruption) 200
    1x10 warriors(w/disruption) 200
    1x10 warriors(without disruption) 180
    1x10 warriors(without disruption) 180

    fast:1x3 destroyers 150

    heavy:1x3 tomb spyders(particle projectors) 165
    2x1 monolith 470

    this is exactly 2000pts. let me know what you guys think

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    *Ports thread to the "Necron Army Lists" section*

    Heya Blaze, Welcome to LO! And welcome as well to the Necron Tomb.

    In the future please post army lists in the appropriate "army list' subforum, thank you.

    Your list has some good core, but I think you're a tad light on the destroyer side of things, once those three destroyers are gone (and they will be, rapidly) they are gone, and you're stuck with 6" movement and 24" shooting for the rest of the game.

    I'd definitely drop the disruption fields off of your warriors, not a whole lot of use, there, honestly if they get charged by a dreadnought, you might as well kiss them goodbye anyway, since there's no solid way to get them out again.

    Tomb spyders are more effective with the claw, particle projector is an amazing weapon, don't get me wrong, but spyders are better left to close combat, they are far safer there, and can deal out much more damage. On the way in, remember to pop some scarabs to take shooting wounds for you, but when you hit enemy lines those scarabs can end up costing you.

    Dual monolith is a solid choice in 2k, enemy vehicles and anti-tank will abound, so those will be a great unit to support you.

    Immortals are good, not much to say there, and you have a proper number of warriors, so for starters ya got a good bit going, just gotta find points for more destroyers.

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    i 2nd Alzer's comments

    Especially the Disruption Fields. Not worth on anything except for scarabs where their speed and mass attacks make ti a viable tank killing option

    the only thing i could think to drop fore mor destroyers (though you pay for 1 with the drop of the D fields) is a tomb spider and a unit of warriors. Warrios aren't that great since they only wield bolters, and they're the easiest cron to kill so spamming warriors usually means quick phase out. The tomb spider is more my personal opinion so you can keep it if you like it

    good luck and have FUN

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