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    WAAAAAAAGH!!! Zag Rukk

    Well heres my speedy list hope it pwns


    Boss Zag Rukk- power klaw, warbike, and cybork body 135

    Big Mek Burney Boy- KFF, cybork body, Burna 115

    ELITES- Zag Rukk's Dakka Lords- 10 lootas 150

    TROOPS- Zag Rukk's Skull Crushers- 7 nobs- warbikes, 3x PK, 3x kombi scorcha, Waaaagh Banner, Boss Pole, Painboy and cybork bodies 490

    Zag Rukk's Speedy Boyz- 3x 12 boyz w/nob with boss pole and PK 112 each

    3x trukks for the boys with rams 40 each

    Burny's Shooty Boys- 19 shoota boyz w/ big shoota and nob with PK and boss pole 159

    Battle Wagon for the boyz w/ death rolla 110

    Fast Attack- Zag Rukks Speed Feaks- 6 warbikers w/ nob with PK and boss pole 190

    Zag Rukks Git Squishers- 6 warbiker w/ nob with Pk and boss pole 190

    Total- 1995

    Note- when i say with a nob i mean one is a nob not plus a nob

    EX- 6 warbikers w/ nob with Pk and boss pole= 5 wabikers and a nob

    I feel this list is guna be the one but its up to you guys

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    It's nice, there's no doubt about that (the Warboss' name sounds a bit too much like Zagstruk though)

    I'm concerned about your inability to handle multiple transports in a fully-mechanized list and with the lack of S8 weaponry. I would consider reducing the Nob Biker squad by a couple models, (say drop 1 Power-Klaw and 1 Kombi-Skorcha), in order to fit in 3 Twin-Linked Rokkit War-Buggies and then pimp out the Battle-Wagon with Grot-Riggers, Armor Plates, and a Big Shoota to keep it moving, then I think you're good to go.
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