1500pts. Iron (Thunda) Kurtain - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500pts. Iron (Thunda) Kurtain


    I have some boyz and nobz but I am still not sure where to continue.
    I`ll have trukks but this playstyle too similar to my DE, so I thought to try something different but still themed. Mekaniaks...

    2* KFF Big Mek (whot iz best den det?)

    10 Lootaz with 1 Mekboy (in touch wiv da Looted wagon to keep kool)

    2* 3 Killa kanz all with Grotzookaz
    1 Looted wagon with boomgun

    2* Double Skorcha Deff Dreadz (dey go wiv da kanz) (I know they are not that good, but themed )


    TROOPS Version 1
    2*12 Boyz with PK Nob&Bosspole, 1 Big shoota
    on Battlewagonz with Rigger, Ram, 1 Big shoota, 1 Kannon

    1*20 Shoota boyz on foot with PK Nob&Bosspole

    TROOPS Version 2
    2*20 Boyz with PK Nob&Bosspole, 2 Big shootaz
    on Battlewagonz with Rigger, Ram, 1 Big shoota, 1 Kannon

    1*15 Gretchin

    + Riggers on the Deff Dreads from the leftover points in this version

    TROOPS Version 3

    4*11 Boyz with PK Nob&Bosspole, 1 Big shoota
    on trukks with red paint and Ram

    + Riggers on the Deff Dreads from the leftover points in this version

    I don`t play armour in my other armies, that would be my first armoured force, also I don`t play really competitive lists. Will it be my first competitive army?
    As tactica I would use:
    - Annihilation: everything goes forward
    - Objective: Lootaz, looted wagon, grots or footslogging boyz at home under 1 KFF rest go forward

    So, what do You - who has experience wiv da orkses - think? How it looks overall, what Boyz version iz da best?

    Thank You!

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    Right I'm not going to comment on the Kans and the Dredds because I don't run them myself but I've seen the double Skorcha variant Dredd work very very well.

    Anyway, onto the Troops choices....

    Option ONE is the weakest of the three, you need to be maximising those squads of Boyz if they are going to take such an expensive transport. Dump this variant.

    Option THREE is not bad at all and requires the least tweaking but as you've said you don't want the DE play style, (multiple light raider transports) then I'd leave this one on the backburner.

    Option TWO is the best option you got there as it utilises the ever-brilliant Battlewagons and suits a heavy-hitting, heavy-shooting style. But it does require some tweaking, that will free up points for the rest of your army, (perhaps more Kans!?):

    - Firstly, the Gretchin are a cheap and effective way of holding your own objective for a while, keep them as is, but you're required to buy them a Runtherd to keep them orderly.

    - The Boyz mobs inside each Battlewagon are perfectly configured, leave them inside and shoot out from the open-topped when possible.

    - Lastly, the Battlewagons they're riding in are horrendously expensive and very unsuited to the role you want them to be doing, which is a fast advancing, tank shocking transport. Kit them out like this instead:

    Battlewagon - Deffrolla, 2 x Big Shoota, Armour Plates - 130 pts.

    They're much cheaper, they're much more efficient for the job, and they still fit your style.

    Hope that helps.

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