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    1,500pt List ReModified

    Shas'el-102: plasma rifle, fusion blaster, targetting array, hw multitracker, hw target lock
    He has a bodyguard, target lock allows him to target troops while his bodyguard targets transports from afar.
    Shas'vre x 2-148: fusion blaster, missile pod, targetting array, hw multitracker
    They have the capability to hit now.

    Stealthsuits x 6-205: team leader, hwdc, gun drones x 2
    Added some more shooty shooty to these guys with the extra points I had left over at the end.

    Fire Warriors 2 x 8-160: pulse carbines

    Fire Warrios x 8-80: pulse rifles

    Kroot x 12- 84

    Pathfinders x 8-116: x 2 rail rifles

    Devilfish-85: disruption pods

    Piranha's x 2-130: fusion blasters

    Broadside-85: TL-plasma rifles, multitracker
    I know A.S.S would be more beneficial, but I intend to drop this guy in the middle and blast away with his guns. If something comes in near him he has his plasma to help blast them away.

    Sky Ray-150: sms, disruption pods
    Doesn't even need LoS now. Is more or less reliant on the pathfinders for markerlights.

    Hammerhead-155: railgun, burst cannons, disruption pods

    This list utilizes all the models I currently own minus a few drones and 4 kroot. Takes on the ideas of a few comments from previous comments and now has more tank/troop kick @$$ capability.

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    You would really benefit from putting a multitracker on that hammerhead. When you move 12" and fire a submunition into a squad of eldar that were previously in cover and melt 9 out of 10 with a single large blast template. THAT's why I enjoy this game, annihilating an enemy squad so thoroughly you feel like you should apologize.
    The Emperor died ten thousand years ago.

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