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    1.5k necrons Different

    1 x 10 Warriors
    1 x 11 Warriors



    Lord Ord Destroyer body Syth


    Fast attack

    2 x 4 destroyers
    1 x 3 destroyers



    3 x 2 Heavy Destroyers


    With the low amount of Necrons the enemy will be more tempted to go after my warriors more then ever. My Warriors will play conservatively and try to lure the majority into the middle of the board so that my destroyers can eliminate large numbers of squads while staying away from combat themselves. As well as the heavy destroyers doing the same thing to higher point models and of course tanks. The lord will stay close to the heavy destroyers and join a squad. The destroyers will beable to stay put of compbat for the majority of the game and if they and about to be charged they can turbo boost away this is for a 1500 point game of annihilation. I would love some input questions or comments thank you.

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    I think it looks like a decent enough list.

    I suggest looking into cramming a fourth heavy destroyer into the list. Split them into two units. This will make your squads more survivable, as well as grant you more shots and more flexibility. The less hard targets there are, the more you can be doing with your other Destroyers to kill enemy infantry.

    Keep the lord near your warriors. The destroyer body makes it a decent fire-fighter for running around and helping out troubled units, but the warriors will generally need that help most.

    Also it would be appreciated if you would take some time with your posts to spell everything properly. I personally find a browser with spellcheck to be extremely useful for this.


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    It looks good, I would consider swapping the smaller destroyer squad for some wraiths and a GoF + Cmetron on the lord. It will give you a combat unit that can keep up with the destroyers and provide counter assaults. But apart from that it looks good.
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    It depends on who you are playing but the 3 squadrons of heavy destroyers seems to be a bit excessive and somewhat expensive for a handful of single wound models. Perfect for mech armies but a tad useless against footslogging armies.

    This is just my thought and you can ignore this if you like.

    Drop 2 heavy destroyers and use the points to field either 2 more destroyers or more warriors (warriors seem preferable since you don't want your opponent itching for the PO win button). Put your remaining heavy destroyers into 2 unit as per Alzer's suggestion minus the numbers.

    Put your destroyers into 2 units if you can (you may have to drop one destroyer to do this) and field 3 wraiths in a unit to provide CC support for the party. Leading it with a destroyer lord is extremely effective but given that you have the bare minimum of warriors, this makes your phalanx very vulnerable as you have no lord to support them (especially against S8 weapons since you have no Res Orb on site). Your opponent might be hitting that button earlier if he gets a good shot.

    This is a very good list under favorable conditions. However, it is my recommendation that you field warriors that at least equals 1/3 of your army's points for a solid core.

    Hope this helps.
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