2000pt Anvil and Hammers - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000pt Anvil and Hammers

    This one is devised to take what little advantage I can to suprise and disorient my opponent. Rather than one single hammer smashing my opponent into my anvil, it is rather a number of smaller hammers hitting from different angles. So that if my Anvil becomes surrounded, my hammers hit from the rear and flanks.

    In this instance my anvil forces are hard enough to take a lot of punishment, while my hammer forces pound on the rear of the enemy army.

    Here is how it should work:

    Eldar - 2000 - Infantry

    HQ: Eldrad Ulthran
    HQ: Warlock Unit [6]
    Warlock - Enhance
    Spiritseer - Embolden; Singing Spear
    Warlock - Destructor
    Spiritseer - Enhance;
    Warlock - Embolden; Singing Spear
    Warlock - Destructor

    HQ: Avatar

    Elite: Striking Scorpions [8]
    Striking Scorpion Exarch - Shadowstrike; Stalker; Scorpion Claw

    Troops: Dire Avengers [10]
    Dire Avenger Exarch - Bladestorm; 2 Avenger SC

    Troops: Dire Avengers [10]
    Dire Avenger Exarch - Bladestorm; 2 Avenger SC

    Troops: Guardian Jetbike Squadron [10]
    Shuriken Cannon x3
    Warlock - Destructor

    Fast Attack: Warp Spiders [8]
    Warp Spider Exarch - Death Spinner x2

    Heavy Support: Wraithlord - Flamer x2; Wraithsword; Bright Lance

    Heavy Support: Wraithlord - Flamer x2; Wraithsword; Missile Launcher

    Heavy Support: War Walker Squadron
    War Walker - Scatter Laser x2
    War Walker - Scatter Laser x2
    War Walker - Scatter Laser x2

    Total Roster Cost: 1998

    Eldrad and Council, the Avatar, and 2 Wraithlords make up the bulk of the anvil force. These would be deployed at the start of the game. Also the 2 DA squads would take up positions in cover to support the anvil and be prepared to take objectives. The Scorpions may be hammer or anvil forces depending on circumstances. If in the Anvil they infiltrate or set up normally.

    The Hammers are the reserved jetbikes, the outflanking War Walkers, and the deepstriking Warp Spiders. The Scorpions may become a hammer if needed, in which case they will outflank or infiltrated far ahead.

    Using Eldrad I can pretty much redeploy my anvil to where needed. For me this would usually be in the center. From here, objectives are usually close for contesting or taking. While the enemy starts to work on my Anvil forces, my reserve forces will come in from all directions, hopefully stimying the opposition.

    I view the most likely possibilities being:

    1) Enemy Drops in to take the anvil. My reserves come in and attack from behind.
    2) Enemy backs up not wanting to directly confront the anvil forces. Will have to spread out in their rear making my juicy targets for my outflankers and Jetbikes.
    3) Enemy is a formidable assault prospect. Anvil moves back and flank forces envelope them.

    As always comments and critiques are welcomed and rep'ed =D

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    Arvan'drynn Craftworld - 15,000pts (deceased)
    Tau - 2,000 points (atomized while on patrol)

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