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    Necron no monolith 1750 point army.

    Okay so I played in the Irish Grand tournament recently, of the 5 necron armies competing two consisted of Nightbringer,Lord with Orb then lots of destroyers and 3 units of 10 to 12 troops.

    I was just wondering what people thought of this Army. Its one I'd never considered before and wanted some feedback on how effective it would be to play.

    Your thoughts please.

    By the way for my first GT I finished 39 of 50 lost 4 games won 2,phased out 3 times but given the 6 different missions/deployments felt I did okay,of the 3 losses one was just bad play on my part,another wascoming up against Chaos Daemons Khorne in an objectives game and the other was short table edge deployment 24inches on and 2 x6 inch danger zones on each long edge. D6 strength 6 hits per unit each turn in danger zone I came up against fast Orks,Truck Nobs and large stormboys squad,battlewagon and truck of boyz. Admittedly the guy using them finished in the top 10 and was only game I was totally outclassed in.

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    Warrior Phalanx

    Destroyer spam...

    Sounds like "competitive" Necrons to me. I could see it fairing reasonably well. Nightbringer to slap up close combat units, warriors to do their whole "oh no I got charged by grots" act, and Destroyers to fly around and blast everything else, ever, silly. Kinda odd that all the lists seemed to be the same.

    Overall yes, a powerful list. You'd catch me in a pink dress before you'd catch me using it, but I tend to be crazy.

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