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    1750 Saim Hann list.


    - Mandiblasters
    - Jetbike
    - Laser Lance
    - Fusion Gun


    - Doom
    - Mind War
    - Fortune
    - Spirit Stones
    - Jetbike
    - Runes of Warding

    3x Guardian Jetbikes
    - 1 Shuriken Cannon

    - Jetbike
    - Embolden


    6x Guardian Jetbikes
    - 2 Shuriken Cannons


    5x Rangers
    - Pathfinders


    10x Dire Avengers
    - Exarch, Twin Shuripults, Bladestorm

    - Waveserpent
    - TL Brightlances
    - Holofields


    2x Vypers
    - Starcannons
    - Shuriken Catapult
    - Holofield


    2x Fireprisms
    - Holofields


    - Holofields
    - Brightlance


    So, heres a 1750pt list, though theres some space, theres also alot of holofields. I was thinking dropping the fields on the Falcona nd Serpent and taking Banshees with mirrorswords.

    Truth be told, I think it might be lacking in killy though.

    The idea of having the Farseer and Autarch in the 3 man bike squad means with wound allocation just dump them on the 2 normal guardians, blast crap with the Prisms and clean it out.

    OK! Tell me whats wrong with things in this list and why!

    Last edited by Sile; November 26th, 2009 at 10:32.

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