Hey, so I read this interesting article about using wraithguard as elites, attaching Yriel, and creating a giant road block for the enemy, with Yriel breaking off to cause mayhem, or adding some CC punch to the wraithguard monsters. I'm going to play this list with some friends, and possibly take it to tourneys this summer if it works decently. (The tourneys will be 1750/1850 so any suggestions for addons would be great. Though I've been thinking fireprisms/firedragons)


Yriel -155-

Bodyguard: -328-
- 5 Wraithguard
- Warlock (Enhance, Singing Spear)
- Waveserpent (TL Shuricans, Spirit Stones)

Farseer (Fortune, Runes of Warding, Singing Spear) -103-

Bodyguard: -325-
- 7 Striking Scorpions
- Exarch (Shadowstrike, Stalker, Scorpion Claw)
- Waveserpent (TL Brightlance, Spirit Stones)


5 Dire Avengers -60-

5 Dire Avengers -60-

Fast Attack

4 Warp Spiders -127-
- Exarch (Deathspinner x 2)

Heavy Support

Falcon (EML, Holo-field) -170-

Falcon (EML, Holo-field) -170-


So basically Yriel and wraithguard fly forward. Wraithguard disembark and fry tank (if reg transport)/elite high armor unit. Yriel stays in transport, jumps out to counter-assault or charge horde unit. Striking scorpions assist while farseer fortunes whoever needs it most (wraithguard/yriel/scorpions) TL Shurican/TL BL waves then veer off to tank hunt. Falcons hunt from range (6 inches and 3 Str 8 shots), until endgame when they move in for objectives.

The idea behind this is Scorps + Farseer (big target) Yriel + Wraithguard (big target) Troops choices in Falcons (big targets), Warp spiders for harassment (probably overlooked). With the survivability of Eldar tanks I believe my troops will be unharmed, or the wave serpents will be free to contest/hunt.

I like fireprisms too, but haven't converted mine yet. I don't really like eldar troop choices (hence minimum) besides bikes (which I don't have yet).

Anyway let me know what you think i should add/subtract, and possibly where to expand if I boost the points. I was also unsure about scorpions over banshees. Since this is an all-comer list and I already had a Yriel power house against MEQ I figured some GEQ killing power would be nice.

Thanks! And be gentle...