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    1,800 Pts for Home Game

    Planning to do an 1,800 pt tournament (arbitrary) with my family over Christmas break. The armies I might be facing are Eldar, Space Marines, Tau and Imperial Guard. Current List:

    HQ: [405]

    Ghazghkull Thraka [225]
    Wazdakka Gutsmek [180]

    Elites: [165]

    11 x Burna Boyz [165]

    Troops: [1145]

    10 x Meganobz [400]
    -Battlewagon w/Deff Rolla [110]

    12 x Warbikers [300]
    12 x Warbikers [300]

    Trukk [35] (Rules question on this - can I buy a trukk as a choice in the force selection or am I only allowed to take them with units that specify they can have them as a dedicated transport?)

    Fast Attack: [0]

    Heavy Support: [84]

    3 x Kannon [60]
    - 11 x Grot Krew [15] (5 additional crew)
    - 3 x Ammo Runt [9]

    Total: [1799]

    Looking for advice. List is mostly experimental as I have not played much 5e yet, but I do note the emphasis on troops, so I've some heavy troops to see how they play out.

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    You could drop the kannons or hack out some meganobz for some boyz. Remeber that greenskins are a hoard army, so for 6 points per boy, you might want to get some, and you only really need about 4-9 meganobz accompanied by Ghazzy. If you get some boyz, those burnas could have a trukk, but otherwise you cannot have a trukk. A dedicated transpot requires the unit that has the option to get then to be there.

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