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    good old fashioned eldar schoolin'

    Ok, so here's the deal. Next month I am starting a WH40k campaign, which should be fun. However, I have been commissioned to completely annihilate the resident eldar player as he is one of those guys that deserve it (arrogant, sore winner/loser). The trouble is that I have chosen to play my nids prior to this mission. Anyway my nids are not my top army, that honor goes either to my orks or my chaos. I'm kind of new to nids.
    My question is, what sort of list should I bring to completely pwn the eldar player (I have no idea what he's bringing, lets just assume the basic dire avengers token array of vehicles and various aspect warriors)
    Below is a list of the models I have and how they are modeled (roughly)


    2 tyrants-both with venom cannon and scything talons
    2 tyrant guard

    2 warriors w/ rending claws and scything talons
    2 warriors w/ rending claws and devourers
    1 warrior w/ rending claws and venom cannon
    1 warrior w/ rending claws and barbed strangler


    25 genestealers w/ extended carapace (yes I know it's a strange number, don't ask)

    68 fleshborer gaunts

    8 devourer gaunts with scuttlers (once again don't ask, but if you find useful please include)

    various ripper swarms (about 4 or so)


    1 licter

    above mentioned warriors

    various carnifex builds mentioned below


    4 raveners with scything talons


    2 biovores

    2 zoanthropes

    1 sniperfex- barbed strangler, venom cannon enhanced senses

    1 screamer killer carnifex with 2x scything talons

    1 carnifes in the box (previously thought to make a dakkafex with, but with advent of new codex, holding off.)

    Each event I will need to bring a 1000, a 1500, and a 2000 point list for various reasons. Please help.

    This all being said, I'm not out to vaporize anyone else, just the eldar, with anyone else i'm there to have fun.

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    Army lists belong in the appropriate army list subforum.

    *Thread Moved.*


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    What points are you going to play?
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    In every list i build i start with the core of an army, your 1 HQ and 2 Troops

    i personally like either a flyrant fitted out for CC or a flyrant fitted with 2TL devs

    i have found spine gaunts with spine fists and toxin sacs without number are strong troops, but since you have fleshborers start with them, a nice round number like 10. Then you will need another troop, so take your stealers and make them into one of 10. feeder tendrils if you do not have lots of cover, or flesh hooks if you do have lots of cover. Extended carapace raises your survivability immensely. allowing you an armor save when you normally would not have gotten much of the time and raising your survivabilty against most rank and file melee.

    fill these guys out right and you have about 400-500. as i move to 1000 i see if i can fit in another troops choice. stealers make a great addidtion with scuttlers as they allow you to outflank or just move 6" closer, depending on the deployment that may even allow a first turn charge if you can end up within 13". another 10 will bring you to about 600-700. then you need more synapse for your gaunts so a squad of warriors, i prefer kiting my base squad with 3 with devourers and venom cannon with carapace and toxin sacs, enhanced senses, and rending, and then i like a fex with deathspitters and stranglers so i do not need the enhanced senses. that should be about 1000.

    As you grow your horde i shoot for another troop choice, and step up your anti armor with fexes. and your squad of zoanthropes. maybe kit your other warriors for close combat with leaping. your lictor sould be outstanding to take out rangers usually set up in cover, and may even be able to take out their other troops choices if they are close enough to your cover
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