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Thread: 2.5k mixed orks

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    2.5k mixed orks

    hi guys here is a 2.5k list that i have come up with as my orks are in line for some 'upgrading'


    Warboss- Stikkbombz, big choppa, eavy armour, cybork body,attach squig, boss pole,slugga
    Big mek- Shokk attack gun, eavy armour, choppa


    8 Lootas
    14 burna boyz-burna, 3 meks(kustom mega blastas)
    5 tank bustas- rokkits, tank hammer, nob, 2 bomb squigs


    10 nobz- Painboy,3 power claws, cybork bodies, eavy armour, waagh banner, choppa, slugga
    trukk(wrecking ball)

    18 Ard boyz- big shoota, nob- bosspole
    14 boyz- Slugga, choppa, stikkbombs, rokitt launcha, nob,bosspole
    26 boyz- slugga, choppa, 2 big shootas , nob-bosspole
    1 deff dread- 2 scorchas,armour plates,grott riggers
    10- boyz- slugga, choppa nob, power claw, big shoota- trukk- wrecking ball

    fast attack

    6 warbikers- dakka guns-nob power claw
    3 war buggies- big shoota

    heavy support

    Looted wagon- 2 big shootas, boomgun, ard case armour plates
    battle wagon- zaap gun,4 big shootas
    3 killa kanz- Big shoota, scorcha, rokitt launcha,

    what do you think?

    thanks in advance for your comments!

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    LO Zealot mynameisgrax's Avatar
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    Overall, the 'build' of the list looks fine, but there are a lot of tweaks and changes I'd make to the units in order to make them better.

    1. The warboss needs a powerklaw. Warbosses with big choppas never work out very well. It's a powerklaw or nothing. Likewise, every unit of boyz needs a powerklaw, or else marines and terminators are going to eat them alive in close combat, and they'll be completely ineffective against walkers and monstrous creatures.

    2. I'd add one more loota to the unit, even if it has to be a mek w/big shoota, just to get them up to 9. 9 is less likely to run than 8.

    3. The group of nobz doesn't need 'eavy armor (not worth 50 points, cybork is good enough) and you can drop 2 nobz out of the unit without really hurting them, saving you a total of 100 points. Instead, I'd add 2-3 combi-skorchas (on the nobz w/powerklaws) and a ram on the trukk. Always put rams on trukks, and combi-skorchas are amazingly powerful for their cost.

    4. If the boyz are on foot, always make them at least 20 in number, never less. Again, also always give them a powerklaw and bosspole.

    5. Give the warbikes a bosspole.

    6. I prefer rokkits or skorchas on warbuggies, but it's up to you. They certainly aren't bad the way you have them, if that's what you want.

    7. Unless you're taking a powerklaw or bosspole, there's no reason to give the tankbustas a nob. Just use the model as a regular tankbusta.

    8. You have way too many guns on the battlewagon. Either just give it one gun, or give it a big shoota and kannon. Anything else is a waste, because if you move, you can only fire one gun.

    9. I'd drop one big shoota and the ard case off the looted wagon, but it's up to you. I just like them as cheap as possible.

    10. Finally, never mix weapon types in a unit, especially killa kans. There are very few instances where they'll all be useful, since they all have to fire on the same target. I'd give them all the same type of gun, preferrably kmbs.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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