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    750 point combat patrol list for tournament

    In January I'll be participating in a 750 point combat patrol tournament. Several restrictions are in place: no 2+ saves, nothing better than a 4+ invulnerable, no more than 3 wounds, no special characters, no combined vehicle armor better than 33, and no ordanance templates. I don't have the missions yet, so I can't be certain this will be the list I'll use, but I was thinking this was a good, all comers list for a variety of opponents and missions. Note that HQ units do not need to be taken and Elites, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support are limited to 2 choices each. Here's what I have proposed using:

    30 shoota boyz w/ 3 big shootas
    195 30 shoota boyz w/ 3 big shootas

    Fast Attack
    165 5 bikes w/ Nob w/PK and bosspole
    175 5 Deffkoptas w/ tl big shootas

    Heavy Support
    20 Kannon

    I had made a mistake in my initial list when I had choosen 3 fast attack (2 rokkit buggies) so I've been forced to drop my main source of anti-tank firepower. However, the more I think about it, the less I'm worried about AV11 Rhinos (the main vehicle that I expect to see). If the opfor stays holed up in them, less of them can fire and with all my twin linked and normal big shootas, I'll surely get quite a few glancing hits which will prevent them from shooting back. If they deploy them outside the Rhinos, then I can ignore them. I still have the PK biker nob and the Kannon to take care of any critical armored threats. Most of the Marine players I know don't have or use Razorbacks (thankfully)

    I decide to skimp out on the Nobz in the shoota mobz as they would add 40 points to each mob, reducing my big shootas by one and boyz by 6. Six extra boyz on the charge against MEQ should get 1.5 kills vs 1.666 for the Nob. The nob provides some anti-tank capabilities, instant death to any characters, and morale protection when the squad gets reduced, but I figured I'd take that risk for the added staying power of the extra models leading up to their first morale check. The extra boyz and extra big shoota in the shooting phase should also more than make up for the slight loss of killing power in CC.

    I only have one Kannon so that's the max I can do. My other choices for anti-tank capabilities would be Killa Kans with KMB although these are fairly expensive and would be the only target for the opposing anti-tank firepower. Alternatively, I could equip my boyz mobz with rokkit launchas. Perhaps drop the kannon and the 6 big shootas to take 5 rokkit launchas??? That grants more protection to my anti-tank capabilities, gets rid of a kill point (if any missions are going to be using them) and doesn't really reduce my anti-MEQ firepower too much (MEQ will be most of my opponents).

    General or specific thoughts? I'm not going to have a chance to playtest this list before entering the tournament.

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    You've made some excellent choices. I understand your argument against Nobz, but if you really want to increase the staying power of your Boyz than you should take Boss-Poles. You don't have to equip the Nobz with Power Klaws, give them Big Choppas, or give them nothing, but the Boss-Pole is crucial.

    I am concerned about your anti-transport capability and I would swap those Big Shootas out for Rokkit Launchas, at 750 you can probably get away with ditching a Deff-Kopta for the points.
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: powerklaws and bosspoles are not optional. If you're playing with Orks, then every unit of boyz is going to need both.

    This will cost about 80 points of course, but you can get it by either dropping the kannon and two deffkoptas, or by dropping one of the units of boyz down to 20...and dropping the kannon. Yeah, in either case you're probably going to have to drop the kannon for points.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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