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    Gretchin Heavy List (not a real competitive list)

    1750 List

    Basically I really like this list, it's simple, and effective in my oppinion. It's not fast, but it's well protected in my opinion. With two KFF's mixed in with my 177 troops plus the five Nobs in there amongst the troops, it works for me. The Painboy and his Nobs will flank, they do just fine with their armour save and FNP. As long as they try and hug cover for the most part, they should be fine alone. I do realize however that I have an armour bustin' problem. I like having the DK with their twin linked RL's to move fast and be able to be where i want them. I usually take DK's with just one Big Bomm and a PK, but i really need the Rockits. I usually use more boys and less gretchin, but it's pretty cool having 120 gretchin to play games with. Basically I took a squad of 5 Nobs because i needed to fill in a little over 100 points and they fit in alright since all my troop choices were filled up and I didnt wanna beef up my DeffK's.

    HQ- Big Mek- KFF, PK (110)

    HQ- Big Mek- KFF, PK (110)

    Nobs(10)-1 PK, Painboy, Eavy Armour, Bosspole (310)

    Nobs(5)- Bosspole (130)

    Gretchin(29)- 2 Runtherds, 1 grot-pod (102)

    Gretchin(29)- 2 Runtherds, 1 grot-pod (102)

    Gretchin(29)- 2 Runtherds, 1 grot-pod (102)

    Gretchin(29)- 2 Runtherds, 1 grot-pod (102)

    Ork Boys(30- Nob w/ PK, Bosspole, 2x Big Shootas (230)

    Ork Boys(30)- Nob w/ PK, Bosspole, 2x Big Shootas (230)

    Fast Attack-
    Deffkoptas(5)- 5x RL (225)

    I can use everyones critizism. Thanks.
    (Didnt mean to put in those stupid faces, haha)

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    You only need one Kustom Force Field (since you can snake your entire army within 6in and get the save, as long as one model in each unit is within 6in), and arguably don't need any, since the grots provide cover for the rest of your army. I prefer warp 'eads and Shokk Attakk Guns in horde armies.

    Are those shoota boyz? They should be, since the grots are standing in front. Slugga boyz wouldn't make sense, since the grots in front would prevent them from assaulting forward. I'd also give the units of boyz a 3rd big shoota each.

    I did very well in a tournament (2nd or 3rd, I can't remember) with a grot army, but I relied heavily upon lootas and killa kans, with the grots soaking up fire, providing cover, and claiming objectives. Grots are indeed very useful, but they aren't really the backbone of an army, just a fine supplement to one.
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