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    Warwalker/Vyper List @ 1000pts

    "Farseer @ 140 PTS Wargear: Runes of Witnessing, Doom, Mind War, Jet Bike "

    11 Guardians @ 93PTS
    Upgrades: Shuriken Cannon
    11 Guardians @ 93PTS
    Upgrades: Shuriken Cannon
    3 Guardian Jetbikers @ 76PTS
    Upgrades: Shuriken Cannon"

    Fast Attack
    1 Vyper @ 65PTS Upgrades: Eldar Missle Launcher
    1 Vyper @ 75PTS Upgrades: Bright Lance
    10 Warp Spiders @ 247PTS
    Upgrades: Exarch, Additional Death Spinner, Power Blades

    Heavy Support
    1 War Walker @ 70PTS Upgrades: Star Cannon, Scatter Laser
    1 War Walker @ 70PTS Upgrades: Star Cannon, Scatter Laser
    1 War Walker @ 70PTS Upgrades: Star Cannon, Scatter Laser

    total: 999pts

    this list was alot harder to make than the 2000pt version so comments would definitely be appreciated

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    Id drop doom entirely. If you want to take 2 powers id trade it for fortune. I would take a better gun for the guardians since they have no conceal they will want to probably be static and the short range you may want a scatter laser.

    Im not sure what this list is going to be used effectivly against. with that farseer id just have a foot one guiding 3 war walkers shots. Either all scatter lasers or how you have it now i guess. Although i dont really like star cannons. and if you are going to take them its better to have the same gun. since they are seperate you can designate the ap2 shots at a squad and the ap6 shots at reg infantry or watever.

    That war spider squad is far too expensive and with that many memebrs you will want withdraw so you can escape and not get bogged down. youll find that the ap- is a real ass kicker when your trying to shoot rear armor.
    Eldar -APOC- 6500 Points
    Chaos Daemons -Fate Crusher- 3500 Points
    Grey knights - 1000 Points

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