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    1500 in random units I forgot i had (with pictures!)

    So little while back I was going through some bins in my basement and i came across an eldar Army of mine from about 8 years ago. I basically scrounged up what was re-usable and still in good shape, and used acetone to scrub all the old paint from the metal models. It's work in progress so far, but here's the list I've come up with.

    keep in mind this is pretty much built with what I had lying around. unit point costs are omitted just in case it breaks some kind of usage law:

    -Guardian squad "A": 10 guardians with shuriken cannon and warlock(conceal/singing spear)
    -Guardian Squad "B": 10 guardians with warlock (conceal/singing spear)

    -Howling Banshee squad: 4 banshees, exarch with "executioner" and "war shout" -striking scorpion squad: 7 scorpions, exarch with "..claw" and "shadowstrike"
    -Wraithguard squad: 7 wraithguard with warlock(singing spear/conceal)

    Dark Reapers: 4 reapers
    Falcon Grav tank: vectored engines and scatter laser (transport for banshees)
    - WraithLord: starcannon

    Farseer with 5 warlocks: Mind war/ spiritseer

    1495 pts total

    so there you have it, 1500 points of random junk I had almost forgotten about. I'd love any help you could give me, any suggestions would be great. I also Have about 10 extra rangers, 5 swooping hawks, a fire prism, and 8 dire avengers. these are all extras that i have unpainted but didn't find room for in the list.

    Thanks a lot!

    this is all I've got painted so far

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    Guardian squad B needs a heavy weapon platform, id choose EML, scatter or shuriken cannon. Id drop the singing spear. it reduces the amount of CC attacks which is more important.

    Acrobatic is much more useful that war shout.

    again id drop all singing spears.

    I would probably drop the dark reapers and replace them with a prism. If you want to keep them Id give them an exarch with crack or fast shot and give them a EML. so you can shoot twice at vehicles.

    Id take fortune and or doom with your farseer since he is on foot. make a warlock take embolden and make a diff one take enhance.
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