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    A Couple of Lists-1850

    So as some of you may have seen in my other post, I'm new to the Necrons. I've been wanting to play Necrons since i was first introduced to the game but at the time, one of my friends was already playing them and I didn't want to play the same army, so I chose the Chaos Space Marines. Well now he's topped playing them for a couple of years now and I see this as my chance to try them out. Without further banter, these are the 2 lists I've come up with on my own:

    HQ 1: Necron Lord - 130
    Destroyer Body

    HQ 2: Necron Lord - 110

    Troops 1-3: Warriors x10 - 180

    Heavy 1-2: Monolith - 235

    Fast Attack 1-3: Destroyers x4 - 200

    My second list is as follows:

    HQ 1: C'tan Deceiver - 300

    Troops 1-2: Warriors x11 - 198

    Troops 3: Warriors x12 - 216

    Heavy 1: Monolith - 235

    Heavy 2: Tomb Spyders x3 - 165

    Fast Attack 1-2: Destroyers x4 - 200

    Fast Attack 3: Wraiths x3 - 123

    Let me know what you think!

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    Okay, I'm really unsure what you're trying to do with these lists. But I can tell you that list 1 lacks synergy. List 2 would work better with a few slight changes.
    First off, it is considered a mandate by a lot of necron players to never take more than 10 warriors in squad, due to low I in sweeping advances. You don't want to lose more PO count to a single sweep, thanks to 5th edition CC resolution.
    I would also consider dropping one of the warrior squads for 9 immortals. They have better staying power with T5, won't get insta-killed by S8,9 weapons and can fire on the move as well. You seem to know your stuff about destroyers, 4x2 is the optimal size so you're fine there. If you plan on using wraiths, run them with the Deceiver to get more out of him. Monolith has become almost staple in 1500+pt games so its fine, though I would recommend you to read 'The Arts of the Red Harvest: Monolith' to gain more knowledge about how it can be used.
    The tomb spyders are good for supporting the warrior phalanx but I generally only take one or two. Three is kind of optional for me but its up to you.

    As for the first list, I can see you've gone for the destroyer spam. In that case, I'd recommend that your D lord should also take a ResOrb and lead them, you can't take chances with the bulk of your firepower. The foot lord should also take a ResOrb and lead the troops, he's not gonna survive for long on his own.
    I don't know about using 2 monoliths in a game like this as I've never done so, you'll have to ask others about that. I'd be inclined to drop the third warrior squad, get those ResOrbs and whatever wargear you'd like and spend the last of the points on getting some tomb spyders to support the phalanx.

    Just my thoughts, sorry if its very wordy.
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    I totally support list 2 over list 1. The Deceiver is a mad house and I recently won 3rd place general (1st & 2nd were Mech Guard lists) with a similar 1850 list.

    Lord+Orb+Chrono(had to blow 10 pts somewhere)
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    10 Warriors
    5 Destroyers
    5 Destroyers
    3 Wraiths
    1 Monolith

    (don't think I'm missing anything).

    Anyways, the Wraiths attacks combined with the assault of the Deceiver is just AWSOME! I kill so much with that initial combo. It's a great support move. Keep the warriors safe always and use the mass firepower of the destroyers to light up threats. Monolith can do support or pulverize things...very effective list.
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