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    Wraithguard or Firedragons?

    Due to several new changes in the models I actually own, I need to slightly recalibrate what I am going for in 2000 points. I have narrowed the list down to two possible variants, and it comes down to either wraithguard or fire dragons and pathfinders.

    Here are the parts of the list which I'm not seriously debating. it comes out to, I've underlined the models I currently own, so I'm more reluctant to drop those.

    Total: 1677

    HQ: 253
    Farseer- warding, spear, doom

    Elite: 260
    8 Howling Banshees- exarch, executioner 150
    Waveserpent- tl shuri cannon, stones 110

    Troops: 819
    10 Storm Guardians w/ lock- 2 melta, destructor, spear 135

    Waveserpent- tl eml, stones 130

    10 Storm Guardians w/ lock- 2 flamers, destructor 127
    Waveserpent- tl eml, stones 130

    10 Dire Avengers- exarch, duel cats, bladestorm 152

    Waveserpent- tl lance, stones 145

    Heavy Support: 345
    Fire Prism
    Fire Prism
    Fire Prism

    Essentially I am either going to add

    5 Wraithguard w/ Lock- conceal, spear 213 (possibly enhance)
    Waveserpent- tl shuri cannon, stones 110


    5 Fire Dragons
    Waveserpent- tl shuri cannon, stones
    5 pathfinders
    and up the banshees to 9

    Option 2 gives me an objective holder squad, while option 1 gives me some cool models who would be fluffy for Yriel, and better than fire dragons against monoliths.

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    option 2. Hands down.

    for the fusion gun storm guardians, drop destructor on that warlock and give them basically any other power.probably embolden or enhance.

    you could give the DA exarch a power weapon and shimmer and defend as well, then sick yriel there. then you have the banshees+doomseer and DA + yriel. 2 very capable units.
    Eldar -APOC- 6500 Points
    Chaos Daemons -Fate Crusher- 3500 Points
    Grey knights - 1000 Points

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