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    2500 Pts Ghazgkull vs Farsight (Tau Empire) Post Mortem

    2500 Pts Ghazgkull vs Farsight (Tau Empire) Post Mortem

    Greetings – I have just finished a very satisfying game against a good Tau opponent and we were reviewing our lists – doing the old – “oh well I shoulda taken x” or “why did I waste so many points on y” and I am interested in getting some feedback on the list I took.

    Going in the game brief was - a 2500pt “friendly” Ork vs Tau.

    My opponent has recently purchased Farsight and put together a Tau Empire army (so no Etherials or alien allies) which he wanted to blood on my Orks (Preferred Enemy). He had also had a favourable Christmas and received a good number of Battlesuits which could be taken as a strong retinue and / or Elite units. I did not know how many in total but expected the worst. I also knew that he would take a goodly number of Fire Warriors with Drones. There would be the obligatory Hammer head and I expected a full squadron of Broadside Battle suits.

    For my part – given we would be facing Farsight I figured that Ghazghkull would probably make time to be at this fight. I’ve decided not to go with an Ork Hoard army but to try to build a balanced Ork Force commanded by Ghazghkull and a few other famous Ork personalities. I was looking to spend roughly 20% HQ, 20% Elite, 40% Troop, 10% FA and 10% Hvy and allow for 20% of the force to be held back in reserve / deep strike. My engagement strategy, terrain dependant, would be a double pincer with the centre held by the Lootas and the Kannon Battery.

    House rules are that we roll for the game and setup at random and if both players don’t like the result then the game can be changed to a Standard Deployment / Annihilate mission. Otherwise the rules are by the book.

    So my list shaped up as:

    HQ: Ghazghkull Thraka (228 pts)
    Ghazghkull Thraka + Ammo Runt
    (In battlewagon with Mega Armoured Nobz)

    Elite: Meganobz (345 pts)
    5 x Meganobz with Power Klaw and Twin-Linked Shoota
    Battlewagon, Big Shoota x2, Deff Rolla, Armour Plates, Grot Riggger,
    Red Paint Job, Stikkbomb Chukka
    (Plan A - Get the Meganobz into the fight with Battlesuits so their PK’s can rip and tear)

    HQ: Big Mek with KFF (110 pts)
    Big Mek with Burna, Kustom Force Field, Bosspole
    (Attached to Shoota Boyz giving them and any unit close enough a 5+ Save as they run up)

    Elite: Lootas (225 pts)
    15 x Lootas with Deffguns
    (Long range fire – target priority large squads of Fire Warriors)

    Elite: Snikrot’s Boyz - Kommandos (245 pts)
    Boss Snikrot with Mork's Teeth;
    14 x Kommandos with Choppa & Slugga, 1 x Big Shoota, 1 x Burna
    (Plan A – come in from behind and butcher anything that is annoying me)
    (Plan B – respond to Deep Striking Tau if causing a problem)

    Troops: Nobz in Trukk (375 pts)
    Painboy with Grot Orderly
    9 Cybork Nobz with Choppa and Slugger, 1x Power Klaw, Stikkbombs, Bosspole
    Trukk with Big Shoota x1, Armour Plates, Red Paint Job
    (Plan A – find the biggest shooty thing and assault it)
    (Plan B – “as troops” so can be used if there is an objective that needs to be taken or held)

    Troops: Choppa and Slugga Boyz (170 pts)
    Boyz Nob with Power Klaw, Slugga, Bosspole
    19 x Boyz with Choppa & Slugga, 2 x Big Shoota
    (Run up the board under cover of Mek with KFF – then find some Fire Warriors to smash)

    Troops: Shoota Boyz (170 pts)
    Boyz Nob with Power Klaw, Slugga, Bosspole
    19 x Shoota Boyz, 2 x Big Shoota
    (Run up the board under cover of Mek with KFF – shoot stuff then assault it)

    Fast Attack: Da Vulcha Boyz (253 pts)
    Boss Zagstruk
    14 Da Vulcha Boyz with Choppa and Slugga
    (Plan A – come in from deep strike and assault anything that is annoying me (Broadsides))
    (Plan B – respond to Deep Striking Tau if causing a problem)

    Troops: Deff Dread (Spudd Masha ) (120 pts)
    1 Deff Dread with 4 x Dreadnought CCW, Armour Plates; Grot Rigger
    (This is a distracter – it looks dead scary and it will draw fire)

    Heavy Support: Killer Kans (180 pts)
    Killer Kans with Dreadnought CCW and Kustom Mega-Blasta, 3 x Grot Riggers
    (These guys are to go after any Broadsides and roast them with the KMB’s)

    Heavy Support: Kannon Battery (79 pts)
    Runtherd leading crew, 3 x Ammo Runts
    Kannon Battery with 3 x Kannon
    (General Fire Support)

    Total Cost: 2500

    So a virtual penny for your thoughts or comments on whether you think this was a good list and/or what you would do differently

    I'll be taking it out against nids and Space Wolves soon - I'd also be interested in any recommended modifications to handle those races.

    Armies (W/L/D)
    Imperial Guard: 2500pts 10/0/1, Space Marines: 2000pts 22/0/3
    CSM: 1750pts 5/0/0, DE: 1850pts 19/0/1, ORKs: 2500pts 11/1/0,

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    I hope your ready for some critique haha. ok. first off, you need to read the thread called ''Your better off with Grots'' it will explain what i will tell you that, Deff Dreads, may be cool and all, but not worth it at all. your better off to have gone with 2 squads of Killa Kanz (Kustom Mega Blastas Pack a punch alright but are rather expensive, meh, 2500 point game, you can get away with it) but basically whats more scarey one unit with 11 front armour charching in or 3 units with 10 armour charging in? it takes a.) Longer to destroy b.) more fire diverted to them and not the rest of the army and with luck! c.) they'll make it into close combat and leave some squashed tau heads all over the place.

    for Fighting Tau's you want to get in there fast because, as we all know they are a very shooty army. id have gotten rid of Zagstruk though, not very reliable (some people swear by him, but ive seen him eat chunks badly alot!!!) Biker Nobs, =D Cheesey, great, heck ever normal warbikers are way better than him, Deffkoptas are great too. me thinks as well you need more boyz. to help out.... meh. thats all ill say. Tau are shooty, get there quick, end their shootyness.

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    Your list looks good, as Jakare says, you can get 3 more Killa Kanz for the price of that Deff Dread!! Also, drop the Grot Riggers on your Kanz, they are useless because they don't work in squadrons where immobilized = wrecked.

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