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    First Ork List - help to improve it (1500 and 2k)

    So I played my first ever game as Orks yesterday with the following list against Nids. Did fairly well, almost had a total annihilation victory in turn 4, but a sole Genestealer survived till the top of turn 5.

    At the end of the game I had roughly 26 boyz left. One squad having been utterly wiped out, the shoota boy having about 5 Orkz left and the final boyz squad being relatively unharmed with 20 Boyz and a Nob.

    One Battle Wagon was immobilised on a hedge (failed it’s test), another was destroyed in turn 4 and the other was unharmed.

    Thraka and his Mega Nobz did fairly well, suffering zero losses and taking out a Winged Hive Tyrant and a Dakka Fex (their Wagon was the one that got immobilised on the hedge).

    The moment of the game came when 66 attacks on a Carnafex did just 1 wound. Thankfully the Nob saved the day and killed it

    But I’m looking for tips on how I can improve this list. I know the list is far from perfect, I just had some good luck in this game.

    I've got a 2k three way match next week. My opponents will be Tau and Marines I think. Any tips on how to deal with that would be welcome too!

    1500 Point Ork List


    Ghazghkull Thraka @ 225


    4 Mega Nobz @ 180


    30 Shoota Boyz @ 220 points
    Nob, Power Klaw (x1), Bosspole (x1),

    30 Boyz @ 220 points
    Nob, Powerklaw (x1), Bosspole (x1)

    30 Boyz @ 220 points
    Nob, Powerklaw (x1), Bosspole (x1)

    Heavy Support

    3x Battle Wagons - 435
    2x Hardcase, 3x Deff Rolla, 3x Red Paint, 3x Zzap Guns, 3x 4 Big Shoota

    Total - 1500

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    Good work in your game! ^^

    Just one question though, what are the two extra Battle Wagons for?... I mean, you can't transport anything in them ^^'
    -"Oh God, this is going to take a while..."

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    I also think the battlewagons should be transports. I'd drop the ard cases off them all, and cut their guns down to a big shoota and kannon on each. I'd also give all 3 grot riggers.

    2 units of the boyz should be cut down to 20 so they can fit in the battlewagons. You could even use the points saved on the battlewagons to expand them into a 4th unit of boyz.

    I'd consider adding a small unit of grots, to stand in front of your shoota boyz and/or sit on objectives.

    Finally, one of the battlewagons can be a dedicated transport for the meganobz, and not take up a heavy slot. This is very important in dawn of war games, and frees up a heavy slot for when you expand your army.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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