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Thread: 1750 ork-kans

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    1750 ork-kans

    Im relatively new to orks and i noticed that a big mek allows a defdread as a troops choice. i decided i wanted as many walkers as i could have while keeping them strong, so i went with 3 def-dreads and 6 killa-kans. with the rest of the points, i decided to put them into ork infantry. im not sure if i want the orks in truks or if i want to foot slog them. i play against a good mix of SM, CSM, tau, and Imperial so i need enough to help with both short range and long range. im also playing with def-koptas for a little interuption on my opponent. i am debating against the foot sloggin and would do the basic 12trukk with pwrklaw if that seems like it would be better. any help is greatly appreciated

    2 Big meks w/ power klaw, KFF, eavy armor, boss pole

    24 ork boys w/ nob, power klaw, eavy armor, boss pole
    24 ork boys w/ nob, power klaw, eavy armor, boss pole
    24 ork Boys
    24 ork Boys

    4 deffkoptas w/ twin-linked rocket launcha

    3 Deffdreads w/ 2 cc, grot riggers, armor plates
    6 killa kans w/ grotzookas , w/ armor plates

    total: 1746

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    Welcome to the Orks!

    First and foremost, drop the armor plates from the killa kans. They don't do anything for them. The killa kans already treat 'stunned' results as 'shaken' because they're vehicle squadrons. The armor plates literally do nothing. I'd also give the kans some kmbs or rokkits, since you don't have much high strength shooting in the list.

    I'm not really a fan of deff dreads. I think killa kans are much more cost effective. If you do want deff dreads, I'd drop the armor plates and extra CCWs, and instead either give them big shootas or skorchas.

    I'd try and add one more deffkopta to the unit, so they don't panic quite as easily.

    1 KFF is fine. Just keep it within range of the walkers that aren't obscured by cover. 2 KFFs is wasteful.

    I'd consider adding some grots. They're great for screening your troops and sitting on objectives.

    Are the boyz slugga or shoota? I prefer shoota boyz on foot. They could also use some big shootas or rokkits (either one or the other, don't mix types in the same unit).

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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