[1750] Tyranids 2010: Trygon DS - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    [1750] Tyranids 2010: Trygon DS

    I've finally got some games under my belt with the new rules (pending to see the real codex, but I'm getting that in a week). So here's the latest list I've come up with.

    DISCLAIMER: I play assuming nothing else can come out of the Trygon hole the turn the Trygon appears, and that you can't get better than a 2+ reserve roll until turn 5. If it turns out to be otherwise, then all the better.
    Hive Tyrant (Life Drain and Nerve Shock) with Tactical Insight and Heavy Barbed Strangler

    Tervigon with Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs and Catalyst
    12 Termagaunts
    6 Genestealers with Poison
    6 Genestealers with Poison
    6 Genestealers with Poison

    2 Zoanthropes in Spore with Thorn Blast
    2 Zoanthropes in Spore with Thorn Blast

    Trygon with Adrenal Glands
    Trygon with Adrenal Glands
    Trygon with Adrenal Glands

    The plan is as follows:
    You deep strike the Zoanthropes and Trygons, keeping everything else in reserve. Yes, even the Genestealers. You start rolling with the Zoanthropes, and place them in your enemy's face. You place the Trygons as close to the enemy lines as possible, and have any reserves that arrive walk in. The plan is to sacrifice some outflanking advantage, but you should be able to get at least one unit of Genestealers to walk out of a Trygon hole on turn 3, and assault the enemy ASAP.
    The Tervigon will pop Termagaunts in objective missions, but will try to get up close and personal in annihilation. No matter the mission, play aggressive like angry ants. You can't expect to outshoot your opponents, so control the flow of battle so they can't capture or hold anything. Try to take down highly mobile units first, as you'll have trouble catching up with them. The Tyrant and Spores are your only horde control, so make sure you protect those if the enemy has lots of weak units.

    -The Tyrant was orginally a Flyrant, but I noticed what I needed where big pie plates, so I changed it to the current configuration.
    -The Tervigon is the single best Troop choice in the Codex, so I made room for one. Since I'm going to be placing so many targets on my opponent's front lawn, he's really going to survive for a long while.
    -Genestealers are great. I gave them poisoned attacks to deal with MCs better, namely I expect to have to fight Wraithlords. They can deal with pretty much anything, but you have to keep them covered with your MCs or they'll drop like flies.
    -Zoanthropes are usually MVP. They won't last long, but they WILL eat up a vehicle or two, and absorb lots of fire. That's a win-win in my book. They can also blast away some MEQs, so they can help against the odd Smurf Horde list.
    -Landing Spores deliver your Zoanthropes where the enemy can't afford to ignore them. The Thorn Blast is the best weapon option you can give the weak little buggers, because they get squished so fast. But the S5 pies mean they'll call for a heavy weapon shot, and just by being in play they have already completed their mission. Appear, shoot and die, that's their life cycle.
    -Trygons are THE monsters in the new codex. They can shoot a bit, but what makes them great is the combination of great durability and incredible fighting prowess. That others can come out of their holes is just gravy. Adrenal Glands are probably optional, but it's a very good bonus for cheap.

    You know the drill, comment away!

    EDIT: I got to see the german codex going around, and I think you CAN have something else come out of the Trygon hole on the same turn as he does. I've got my Codex on preorder, so I'll confirm this as soon as I get it.

    EDIT 2: Maybe you can't have something else come out of the hole at the same time as the Trygon after all. I'll wait till I get the codex this week, but anyhow here are some alternative modifications:

    -Cut the Tervigon and Termagaunts. Add two Hive Guard, a unit of Genestealers, and a genestealer to each of the three original units.
    -Cut the Tyrant and Genestealers. Add a Deathleaper, an Alpha Warrior with BoneSwords, Talons, Sacs and Glands. 2x3 Warriors with Claws, Deathspitters, Venom Cannon. 7 more Termagaunts
    -Cut the Genestealers, and add another Tervigon and group of Termagaunts. Add a Venomthrope.

    Last edited by Lemt; January 11th, 2010 at 08:45.
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    So the Trygon, Termagants and Tervigon walk down while the rest of the army deep strikes or out flanks the enemy?

    You can't have something come out of the Trygons whole the same turn.

    I think overall the army is quite nice. But the codex is still 'young' and so testing is needed!
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