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    1500 pts Ork List

    Hi everyone,

    im rather new to playing orks, and i have just played a little tournament between friends without a lot of succes.
    i have made a new list based on my experiences and i would like to hear what you think about it:

    Warboss -> 150
    PK, Slugga, Attack Squig, Cybork Body, Warkbike

    Nobz (x5) & Painboy (x1) -> 363
    1 nob: Big Choppa & Slugga & Warbike & Cybork
    1 nob: Big Choppa & Slugga & Ammo Runt & Warbike & Cybork
    1 nob; PK & Slugga & Warbike & Cybork
    1 nob: PK & Slugga & Waaagh' Banner & Warbike & Cybork
    1 Painboy: Urty Suringe, Doks Tools, Cybork, Grot Orderly

    Shoota Boyz total 20 (x17 & x2 BS) & Nob -> 170

    Shoota Boyz total 20 (x17 & x2 BS) & Nob -> 170

    Shoota Boyz total 12 (x11) & Nob -> 167
    Dedicated Transport: Trukk:
    Grot Rigger, Red Paint Job, Wrecking Ball, 1 BS

    Burna Boys ( x8 ) -> 120

    Loota's ( x6 ) -> 90

    Heavy Support:
    BattleWagon -> 135
    ZZap, DeffRolla, Red Paint Job, 1 BS

    BattleWagon -> 135
    ZZap, DeffRolla, Red Paint Job, 1 BS

    The idea is to get the Burna's in the trukk of the smaller boyz group and let the smaller boyz group camp an objective at starting location if there is one.

    Should i take an extra Big Mek with KFF to put with the burna's, if so where should i get the points?

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    Looks solid. But I wouldn't take the trukk away from those Boyz. Drop some extra gear and vehicle upgrades and get the Burna boyz a Looted wagon to roll around in. Granted the wagons arent as fast as trucks, but with two battlewagons most opponents will probably ignore it.

    What gear do the boyz nobs have? Im assuming a PK and BP.

    Otherwise, looks real solid IMO
    2000pts Orks 4-2-1

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    The burnas need a transport, but as Mr. Coors suggests, a looted wagon would be better, as it wouldn't deprive your boyz of their transport. Small units of grots are a lot better for sitting on objectives.

    I'd give the warboss and 2-3 of the nobz (ones with powerklaws) a combi-skorcha. They're fantastic for their cost. Drop the big choppas. They're garbage.

    Grot riggers doesn't make much sense on a trukk, as they're really easy to destroy, so it'll virtually never come up. What they really need is a ram, so they can hide inside/behind cover, and then drive straight through it.

    I'm not a fan of zzzzzap guns. I'd give the battlewagons some kannons, grot riggers, and perhaps some deffrollas.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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