Well basically I am going up against a tau army that relys mostly on crisis suits and fire warrior squads knowing this I have put together this list to counter his, but since I am still new to warhammer I thought perhaps it would be best to post it here and get some pointers .

Farseer, Runes of witnessing, Doom, Singing Spear,. : 98

Harlequin Troupe: 136
5 Harlequins w/ 2 harlequin kisses
Trope Master


6 Guardian Jet bikes, 2 Shuriken Cannons: 152

10 Guardians w/ star cannon: 105

10 Storm Guardians w/ 2 flamers: 92


Wave Serpent w/ twin linked star cannons, sprit stones. : 135

TOTAL: 748

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out with this