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    Balanced new nids 1750

    Firstly, a disclaimer. I haven't seen the codex. I've only seen a translated version of the german one. So, for all I know, it could be completely fictional, though it seems to be fairly legitimate - my German stretches to insults and ordering beer.

    Right, with that out of the way, here's the list:

    2 tyrant guard

    OK, this is 400 points, admittedly, but it's 400pts that WON'T DIE. If the tervigon stays close they could have FNP too just to make them even tougher, the swarmlord can steal wounds when he gets close enough, and the guard are ablative wounds. But, you say. It moves 6'' and doesn't have a shooting attack. Well... I think its bonuses outweigh the cost, making the stealers more reliable, providing a larger synapse bubble, and also making an outright assault on my forces VERY risky. Bring on those assault terminators.


    Well, this, for me, was a no brainer. This MC is AMAZINGLY good value - 6 T6 wounds, the ability to spawn a scoring unit, and a nice pyschic power to boot.

    3 Hive Guard

    These chaps should make light vehicles (and a lot of things) keel over and die

    3 zoanthropes
    Landing Spore – thorn blast

    These chaps should make heavy vehicles and any marines silly enough to venture out of cover keel over and die. The mycetic spore lets them get into a threatening position.

    Doom of Malantai
    Landing Spore – thorn blast

    140pts of pure nasty. I'd hate to think what he'd do to an ork force.

    8 genestealers

    Decreased points cost, still the same old wonderful stealers.

    8 genestealers

    20 termagants

    Dirt cheap, effective and very tough if you stick em behind a monstrous creature.

    15 hormagaunts
    toxin sacs

    I LOVE what's happened to hormies now. Cheap, and with poison pose a very serious threat to pretty much any monstrous creature in the game. Imagine what these fellas could do to a wraithlord. Back them up with preferred enemy from the swarmlord and they'll do a lot of damage.

    Trygon – adrenal glands

    Another big, tough, killy MC. Burrowing is a nice ability but with 6 T6 wounds and fleet I think it could happily footslog and provide cover for the littluns, though it would be undeniably effective when deepstriking.


    What I like about this list: 3 MCs, 51 basic troops. Now THIS is what nids should be like. Big, terrifying monstrous creatures, but not too many, backed up by hordes of scuttling little beasties.
    Not too much of a focus on shooting. Again, this is what nids should be like. While a shooty list is still very viable (I noticed dakkatyrants haven't changed) it isn't necessarily an advantage over a combat list as it used to be.

    What I don't like about this list: no warriors. Nothing to guard the home objective, which is what my warriors usually do, though they're babysitting a small unit of gaunts with the current codex.


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    I assume you took the Tervigon as a Troops choice?

    I'm not really sold on the Swarmlord with Guard, but then again I've never played them myself. If you've played him already, what are your impressions? It's a very expensive unit after all, is it worth it?
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