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Thread: Wych Cult

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    Wych Cult

    A pretty basic list, first time messing around with Wych Cults. And before anyone says anything, yes I know it states in the dex that Lelith can't be used in a list under 1500pts. The reason I popped her in there is that there's a house rule at my local store that old characters with an army size limit can be included regardless, to balance games out more (for example, there's nothing stopping a space marine player taking Marneus Calgar in a 1k list! Cheese, but legal).


    Lelith Hesperax, 9 Wyches, Wych Weapons, Raider - 253


    10 Wyches, Succubus w/ Agoniser, Wych Weapons, Raider - 213

    9 Wyches, as above - 200

    9 Wyches, Raider - 172

    Anyway, I decided to avoid tooling the wyches up with blasters and the like, as I want them in CC as fast as possible, so they'll be fleeting. I figure the 4 raiders will be able to handle the small amount of vehicles/transports I'm likely to face in a 1k game. I've still got 160 points to spare, and I'm hung up on either a 3x Disintegrator Ravager or a 5-man Scourge squad with 4 Splinter Cannons. Just something to lay down a hail of fire at anything the Wyches can't tie up. I know people don't use Scourges much, but I'm leaning towards them. I figure they'll shred anything the Wyches aren't trying up. And if they draw fire, well that's shooting that isn't aimed at the Wyches.

    Die on the Wyches blades, or die from a hail of splinter cannon fire. Either way, it's going to be messy.

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    Even with 4 SCs, that's only 12 bolter-esque shots. Not exactly shredding things up aside from Guardsmen who die if you shoot them with spit wads (I could also say the same thing for Dark Eldar though). I typically just ignore the splinter rifles/pistols, since their chance for damage is negligible against T4+ targets.

    On the other hand, you've got the Ravager with disintegrators, which can absolutely tear through anything from Orks to Terminators with equal ease at roughly half the price. And with a few more points, you can make it survive longer (for MORE ultra-killy shots :) using a night shield.

    Make sure you have a succubus with an agonizer in every wych squad. They'll just slowly die off if you don't. For a better chance with them, you can also invest in personal combat drugs, which will ensure you get that effect you need when you need it (re-rolls usually). But make sure you fit plenty of ranged support in the list first. You really need a couple sniper squads to supplement the short-lived Raiders, and just so you can deal with the bevy of transports you're sure to face. Perhaps a tri-lance Ravager if you've already got one or two with dissies.

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    I would advise to take at least a 3 DL Ravager for shooting transports and the likes. Personally I now realised how cool the Blasters on the wyches are and I would never leave again without them. If you can only move into 10" range of your target you can still shoot them and put some hurt on them without exposing yourself by disembarking and risking that your run move proves to be 1" too short.

    Personnally I have lowered the numbers on my wych squads (to 6 now) and don't regret it that much as it is the Agoniser or Blaster which do the real damage; CC S3 doesn't kill a lot, even with 3 attacks a piece. Now I invest the freed points into Horrorfex en Nightshield on the raiders. Anything to make the raiders live longer makes your army more proficient.

    We need movement to get to our target (either CC or objective) and out in the open flashligts kills of wyches like there is no tomorow.

    I prefer a Ravager over a sniper squad because of the mobility and it has 3 DL instead of 2. On the other hand you do have more ablative wounds on the warriors but without movement the 2 DL can be negated more easily.

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